GOG Galaxy Update Brings Much Anticipated 'Rollback' Feature

GOG Galaxy made a huge splash when it debuted and laid claim to more players of The Witcher 3 on PC than any other service thanks to its DRM-free policy. Now GOG is looking to refine the platform with improvements including single click rollbacks.

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generalwinter1151d ago

This will be a big improvement

Paulhammer1151d ago

Handy for those game breaking bugs!

wraith49121151d ago

It wasn't the DRM policy that got them more witcher 3 players, it was forcing all physical purchases onto GoG. And all this talk of being DRM free, to play DRM free if I am correct means no patches or updates so I guess it's not really DRM free. If they would have given me a choice I would be playing on steam.

DragoonsScaleLegends1151d ago (Edited 1151d ago )

Why would patches and updates not release? This article is about a feature that allows you to rollback a update yet you state the games on GOG don't receive updates? lol

Personally I hate Steam since I have a bad username and they won't let me change it, I just wish I wouldn't have bought games with Steam now. Also I think the interface is extremely ugly and needs a redesign but fullscreen mode is cool. But it also crashes more frequently with Windows 10 and my AMD graphics card when in fullscreen mode.

wraith49121151d ago (Edited 1151d ago )

No I said if you try DRM free you won't have access to updates/patches, also said I may be wrong. I had to enable a DRM code once GoG got involved to get updates/patches. The article insinuates the DRM policy is what brought people to GoG, I'm just giving an alternate theory.

GrapesOfRaf1151d ago

This is great, sometimes patches really are the worst and don't get fixed right away.