Koei Tecmo has PS4-only games in development

Koei Tecmo has several PlayStation 4-only games in the works, Team Ninja boss Yosuke Hayashi told the latest issue of Famitsu.

“Right now, we’re making Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 as a PlayStation 4 and PS Vita multiplatform title. However, in the future there are a few titles that are PlayStation 4-only. They’ll start coming out from 2016, and while I can’t right now, we’ll reveal them in succession [when the time comes].”

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gokuking1153d ago (Edited 1153d ago )

Was anyone expecting Dead or Alive 6 and Ninja Gaiden 4 to be cross-gen?

bouzebbal1153d ago

i hope they show Ninja Gaiden at next TGS.. Only PS4 games in development? One more asset for the PS4!
I love Ninja Gaiden and DoA series.

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Army_of_Darkness1153d ago

Gonna be a dynasty warriors type of game guaranteed. Not that I'm complaining considering that I love the series :-)

gokuking1153d ago (Edited 1153d ago )

Really? The mainline entries in those games get the majority of their sales in the west. PS3 and 360 are basically irrelevant at this point.

@GreatnessWaits You don't see the hypocrisy in that comment? There are more Vita units sold in Asia than PS4. You want less people to play the game solely so that you can have some better graphics. That's not selfish at all ...

BTW Remote Play is garbage and never a substitute to a good port.

MysticStrummer1152d ago

@goku - I will agree that some games are harder to play than others because of the lack of L2/R2 buttons, but when I can take my Vita to another state and play Diablo 3 remotely, I can't call that "garbage".

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littlezizu1153d ago

I hope they make Ninja Gaiden game utilizing full power of ps4 and gameplay similar to style of NG 1.

jon_snow1153d ago

All the next Ninja gaiden, doa and other titles as exclusive for ps4 is major megaton. Hope KT reveal their games in development this TGS

Eiyuuou1153d ago

As long as it isn't like Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z, It'll be decent to say the least.

Ristul1153d ago

I hope for a new IP, that's why I love the Playstation platform, so much freshness!

_-EDMIX-_1153d ago

Makes sense if you consider what other Japaneses publishers have been doing. Sega, Square, Namco etc for years have made many games only for the PS platform.

They are playing it safe and why not. XONE isn't doing jack in Japan and they need to make money. I don't think it will be games like DOA or Ninja Gaiden though as those games are much more geared towards the west and could do fine on XONE and PS4 alike. Likely some more of their obscure Japanese titles.

gokuking1153d ago

Team Ninja only makes Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden. Koei Tecmo claims Ni-Oh still exists, but we haven't seen that game in like 10 years.

I encourage people to remember the venue Hayashi is making these comments to. Team Ninja's future games could be on PC and Xbox One in the west and still have his comments not be a lie by being PS4-exclusive in Japan.

_-EDMIX-_1152d ago

I'm pretty sure thats not what he means and he is speaking about his team, it doesn't sound like he is merely speaking on behalf of his publisher solely.

Also not sure they mean only in Japan as it happens often, but thats not what they would state.

That would be like Square saying they are making FFXIII publicly only for PS3.

They didn't, in fact I can't recall a time a company has stated they are only working on one platform to mean by region.

I think it means exactly what it states, many PS4 only games are being made currently at Koei, as his team is confirming this.

We'll see next month at TGS what gets announced by them.

q8kik1153d ago

Ninja Gaiden plz pretty plz

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