VideoGamer: Saints Row 2 Hands-On

This is the first time Volition has ever shown off the PS3 version of upcoming GTA 4 rival Saints Row 2. Up to this point it's been the Xbox 360 version that's been shown to press, that's been played by press. This is an important moment in the development of the game, and you can tell the developer is delighted by it. "The PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game are about a day apart right now," beams associate producer Dan Sutton.

Why is this important? Because the PS3 port of the first Saints Row never came to fruition. It was cancelled, in fact, so that the sequel could be concentrated on. And now the fruits of Volition's labour are here.

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Silogon4394d ago

I sure with I had the same copy of GTA4 as everyone else cause my version sucks! It looks like balls, controls like balls and plays like balls.

SR2 looks 10 folds better than GTA4. I don't care what anyone says and if it plays like SR then it'll also play better than GTA4.

Hydrolex4394d ago

"And for the PS3 owners among you worried about Volition's ability to develop for Sony's console, fear not - SR2 looks no worse on PS3 than it does on 360."

P4KY B4394d ago

Could this be considered as the REAL GTA4?

Enigma_20994394d ago

That game already came out.

Stryfeno14394d ago (Edited 4394d ago )

Single player mode...Saints row wins
Mulitiplayer mode...GTA4 wins

I will just have to wait to see the final product. Saints Row was good but GTA:San Andreas was 10x better. Add a good story, mutiple planes/Helicopters and an open world multiplayer then it will probrably be better than GTA4.

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