Here’s Your First Look at WWE 2K16’s Stone Cold Showcase Mode

Youtuber DenkOps has the very first look at Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Showcase mode in WWE 2K16. The mode will cover the many highlights in the Texas rattlesnake’s illustrious career, while this video focuses on his match with Jake the Snake Roberts and his infamous Austin 3:16 promo.

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ratrace3245d ago

same ol' shit, have someone else make these

roadkillers3245d ago

Wtf, they can't use Vince's and Owen Hart's voice for commentary? Also why use real video, turn that into game graphics otherwise it pulls you out.

I know they are going for realism, but for a video game these are just tooo slow with very little strategy involved in the game. I will pass this year

2pacalypsenow3245d ago

owen hart died in the ring , his family want nothing to do with wwe

ABBAJESUS3245d ago

No HCTP career mode... not interested

curtis923245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

Every year these things get more and more cut-scene and less and less gameplay. He literally hits his finisher and gets the pinfall victory in a CUTSCENE... in a video game. Just show us the damn video if you're going to do that and stop rubbing it in our faces that "here's what actually happened, rendered in the video game... that you're NOT playing right now, ENJOY!"

In MK story mode, does it stop you midway through a fight and show you a cutscene of your guy doing a fatality?

Nischayraval3244d ago

No career mode not favourable to me....
Want to play

TheJacksonRGN3241d ago

Career mode is coming back in this as well.


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Atom6661639d ago

Fire Pro needs more love. The last PS4 title gets regular playtime from me.

I hear that there are financial troubles at the studio, but I'm hopeful for a Switch port one of these days.

The Wood1638d ago

Anyone remember Giant Gram Wrestling on the Dreamcast .....

Rambokind1638d ago

Ah hell yes! That was loads of fun.

Acecalibur1639d ago

Fire Pro just gets better. Buy it.

micdagoat191639d ago

I have Fire Pro for PS4 and PC but it seems more of like a Sim creator rather than people actually playing out matches. I still dont like anything as much as the N64 games

b163o11638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

Golden Era of wrestling games in the Golden Era of wrestling. I've been contemplating going back and getting a N64 and getting those classic's
WWF Wrestlemania 2000
WWF No Mercy
WCW vs. nWo Revenge

micdagoat191635d ago

Yeah its the only wrestling games I still play consistently for fun.

TheTony3161639d ago

Yes. The last great wrestling game was svr 2006.

addictedtochaos1638d ago

Yes, the WWE ones at least. The last good one was 2K14 and the last great one was Here Comes the Pain.

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Skull5212556d ago ShowReplies(1)
krypt19832556d ago

It's weird seeing people on my xbl friends list playing killing shadow fall

LIGATURE2554d ago

I thought it was guna say,coming to the switch😂😂