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"Another Episode may not be the game that some Danganronpa fans want, but it’s the game that the series needs. The spin-off shows that there is substance for this series outside the walls of Hope’s Peak while maintaining enough ties to its core story to feel essential. Danganronpa tackles shooting and action with the same confidence it does mystery and storytelling, and Another Episode stands proud next to the masterfully crafted visual novels from which it spawned."

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Blastoise1148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )

Nice to see Danganronpa can work in another genre. I hope Danganronpa 3 is officially announced at Tokyo Game Show

onelastkiss4you1148d ago

Here's hoping! Eager to see where the series goes after Another Episode.

FullmetalRoyale1148d ago

I just got through the first 'case' in the first one, and I am hooked. I'm definitely going to look into this game after I play this one, and the second one.
I love playing catchup on a great series, that way I'm not waiting around for a new entry. Still, I regret having not played it sooner!

jdevlin24t1148d ago

I've never played a Dangonranpa game, but hearing that the world is deep enough that they can flesh out side stories is pretty appealing. Might have to give these games a whirl.

Heyxyz1148d ago

Danganronpa is amazing.

Knightshade1147d ago Monokuma still in this game?