PlayStation Store Sales This Week Focuses On 'Blockbuster' Games, Upto 60% Off

PlayStation Store Sales for this week include many blockbuster games with the sale titled 'Attack of the Blockbuster'.

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Warshade1450d ago

Look at all those digital game prices being lowered to almost the price of the physical versions... and they call it a sale...

GamesMaster19821450d ago

Yep thats why i will never go all digital. The Greedy bastards.

MrFisher211450d ago

I automatically get 50% off of every single game I purchase on the store. Due to sharing with a friend. I doubt you buy games for as cheap as me. Day 1 they are 30 plus tax. Lol. And they just keep getting lower

Sam Fisher1450d ago

Well mr fisher, how ironic you and i think alike, i share my acount aswell, so auto 50% to everything on my side aswell. Great minds think alike

Mr_Writer851450d ago

You do both know WHY digital pricing is high don't you? And will remain higher than physical versions for many many years.

Mr_Writer851450d ago

Because consoles need to be sold.

Consoles are expensive and retailers don't make a lot of money on them.

They do however make a profit on games, which they can buy and sell in bulk.

Physical games market is still huge, so publishers want to keep that relationship healthy. As do console makers.

As if a retailer won't sell your hardware how are you going to sell software?

So if you start matching or even underpricing your digital games, who do you think isn't going to be happy? Do you think retailers will keep selling your expensive hardware if they're not going to make a profit on software?

PC's can be bought anywhere or even made there isn't 2/3 companies selling fixed PC hardware to sell more software so there is not retail market to keep happy.

Sam Fisher1450d ago

Wow that made complete sense, gotta help out those mom and pop shops

TheSaint1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

Right? The cheaper, for them, format is regularly more expensive. And not be a little either. Makes no sense.

InKnight7s1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

Every sales includes Saint Row, ME: Andromeda, Darksiders, TR de, Dragon age and Watch dogs.
Edit: Wow, FFVII with the them at 7.99$ finally this a must and new for me.

yeahright21449d ago

Humble bundle also has playstation games this week. 2K titles.