GameSpy: Spectral Force 3 Review

GameSpy writes: "Turn-based strategy games are few and far between on the Xbox 360, but that doesn't give a pass to any random flim-flam that shows up on retail shelves. Unfortunately, it seems that nobody delivered that memo to Spectral Force 3. The game is totally serviceable strategy fare, but lacks the degree of polish and depth that we've come to expect from HD-gen games. Gameplay is dragged down by a wildly oscillating difficulty curve that makes missions either too easy or too challenging, and character progression does not proceed at the same pace as the mission difficulty. Spectral Force 3 would have been a great Xbox Live Arcade game, but for a game that costs about $60 off the retail shelf, we expect more depth and graphical quality."

-Interesting positional combat mechanics
Decent environmental graphics

-Wildly oscillating difficulty curve
-Under-detailed graphics overall
-Lacks general polish

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sushipoop4362d ago

lmao mega flop. Atlus shouldn't publish trash like this.