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Jim Sterling - "Until Dawn is everything that Quantic Dream games have tried to be – unsuccessfully – for the past decade. It emulates horror movies while demonstrating a clear understanding of what makes those movies work, its focus on consequence is nervewracking and intricate, and its story is silly but strongly delivered. It’s the best David Cage game not made by David Cage, and it’s the best interactive horror flick you’ll play.

The only downside is there’s not a token pothead. Supermassive Games needs to do a bit more genre research."

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Aloy-Boyfriend1245d ago

Nice. Jim Sterling likes it!

jb2271244d ago

Wow, that is honestly a big stamp of approval. This dude is a notoriously tough critic, for it to meet his standards to such a high level is really saying something.

I was totally into getting the game, then I read a preview that stated that there was no actual player movement in the game, that it was a completely on rails experience, which threw me quite a bit. I loved Heavy Rain and I don't mind the qte's in games like these, but I personally like to explore these worlds w/ the left stick, even if its only to a small extent. More and more it is seeming like that previewer was absolutely wrong about Until Dawn not allowing player movement, can anyone who has played clarify this?

This is why I hate the improper usage of the term "on rails" that people throw around. It is meant to be a slight against any game its hoisted upon, and it obviously comes w/ an agenda that some people have against these kinds of games, but "on rails" is essentially that, there is no movement on the left stick and the player is forcibly moved through the game w/ no input. There is no such thing as "kinda on rails" or "almost on rails" there is only on rails or not on rails, and it really bugs me when people throw that term around lightly as it potentially sours people on games they'd otherwise enjoy if they weren't basically lied to about the gameplay.

moegooner881245d ago

Man, have to wait till Wednesday :(

Kurisu1245d ago

Friday for me (UK). Condsider yourself lucky xD

Septic1245d ago

Great reviews. Definitely need to try this one

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showtimefolks1245d ago

another excellent review. I thought for sure it would be a good game and would get good reviews but so far it has exceeded my expections from the review I have read or seen

definitely a sleeper hit of 2015

can't wait to play

BlackPanther1245d ago

Want this game but shall wait for it to drop in price first. Good reviews though, I hope it works with Project M in the future.

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The story is too old to be commented.