How Treyarch wants to take Black Ops 2's multiplayer forward with Black Ops 3's

The Black Ops series is the most played sub-franchise in Call of Duty's history, with over 100 million people having gotten their hands on the game since the first iteration released back in 2010. Treyarch created one of the most intriguing campaigns we've seen from Call of Duty when they released the first Black Ops, in addition to one of the most enthralling multiplayer experiences.

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NeoGamer2321150d ago

Black Ops 1 was pretty good, Black Ops II was a confused mess and the only CoD game I have not played the campaign through on.

I won't even bother with Black Ops III until it is cheap.

Of the three CoD developers I like Sledgehammer the most, Infinity Ward second, and TreyArch a distant third.

snaggdadon1150d ago

i beg to differ i think blops 2 was one of the best cods...