PixelJunk Monsters dev teases Trophy patch

Buried deep down on a PlayStation Blog post about PixelJunk Eden and the Trophies available in the game, is an odd little paragraph about possible Trophy support for PixelJunk Monsters. Dylan Cuthbert, president of Q-games, developers of PJM and PJE, mentions he's been "inundated" with requests for Trophy support in Monsters. He says the company is looking into it and will badger the game's producer at Sony, Deborah Mars, "to get some dates set."

The information is a bit ambiguous and we're guessing is designed as a tease for an incoming PJM patch. Cuthbert also says the patch will "implement XMB music and a couple of other things." Considering we know PlayStation Blog posts are "checked," information like this doesn't just slip by. Looks like we're going to have to stop playing PJM Encore and wait 'til that Trophy patch gets added, because we're guessing the achievements won't be applied retroactively.

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LSDARBY4327d ago

cool, but i sucks having to wait for this. I mean they anounce it now, we wont get it for months. Whats the point, same with Uncharted and were still waiting.

sajj3164327d ago

Super Star Dust HD ... 12/17 trophies and going
Pixel Junk Eden ... downloading today
Uncharted ... replay for the 3rd time (great game)

LSDARBY ... you of all people should know that patience is a virtue! And no 'This is NOT waiting'. This is MARINATING ... soak it in gamers! Soak it in!

StephanieBBB4327d ago

My question is where the hell is the in-game music patch? =S

Armyless4327d ago

but there are other inventions that can play music. Ipods, Stereos, Radio, etc...

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Silogon4327d ago

I'm sure they'll be impossible or tedious to get, just like PJE's trophies. As for uncharted, who cares about those trophies? I mean, really. I've beat this game 100% complete so many times now it's not worth another step back through it to collect all the treasures and do all the objectives again just for the same requirements, only now we get trophies for them.

Naughtydog should have given us a at least 10 new requirements. All there is to it. Keep the original 48, but give us 10 new ones atleast.

Fighter4327d ago

this is old news that was already posted on n4g a few weeks back.

Hapimeses4327d ago

Eden is taking my time just now. I'm very much looking forward to Monster's trophies; another excuse to play a great game.

VaeVictus4327d ago

for Eden b/c the "bronze" trophies are ridiculously hard to get.

Megaton4327d ago

Yeah, some of them are hard. I've only got All Seeds 01 and Combo 10. I just think there should have been more silver and at least one gold. Weird that they went all bronze.

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