Mass Effect Andromeda New Details: Voice Casting Not Yet Done, Co-Op Multiplayer Return Hinted

Since Mass Effect: Andromeda was announced, we’ve been getting a drip here and a drip there when it comes to strong pieces of information. People working on the team have let some things slip every now and then on Twitter, but this week we got a veritable smorgasbord of rather eye-raising info. As has been the case since the game was announced, Chris Wynn has been quite active on Twitter making sure people are getting a bit of a look behind the scenes at the creation of this game.

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DragonKing811242d ago

Keeping my eye on this one. Mass Effect was one of my favorite games last generation.

Thefreeman0121242d ago

I am excited as well, I do wish that bioware did what Bethesda did with fallout and announced the game a little closer. Because right now it's just screens and trailers

showtimefolks1242d ago

I think this game could be a fall 2017 title. voice casting not dine isn't a good sign for those like me who thought this would be a 2016 title.

mgs vice casting took place in 2013 and it's coming out in 2015. so Atleast 1.5 to 2 years IMO

bio ware have few different teams and mass effect 3 came out a while ago, what has the mass effect team been up to since the release?

3-4-51242d ago

Doing the voice work doesn't take that long.

They could do it over the span of 1-2 months.

iDadio1242d ago

Well it all needs recording then inserting into the right sections of the game, subtitles created and models to be animated for the voicing so there's a hell of a lot of work to be done.

dreamoner1242d ago

Plus it's an RPG, much more dialogue than most other genres.

iDadio1242d ago

Hope the multiplayer is just like ME3 as a bare minimum, I sank a lot of hours into that with friends due to the addictive nature of boxes for weapons and new classes.
It waa simple and yet worked well and was a blast when played with people with a brain, had some mixed experiences on public but that's same for any game.