Black Ops 3 Pistols: Full Guide to Sidearms in BO3

Primary weapons aren't the only guns you need to learn about in Black Ops 3. The secondary guns are worth checking out, too. This guide provides information about the pistols seen in the game, provides tips for using handguns, and more.

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reallyNow1488d ago

This game is 100% destiny crucible.

DragonKing811488d ago

It feels different I'll definitely say that.

NeonEnigma1488d ago

The specialists recharge abilities act similar to destiny super charge but black ops 3 competitive mp is definitely no crucible. Ive been enjoying the beta with family and friends this weekend! The wallrunning and exo are awesome and balanced but my favorite aspect of bo3 mp so far has been the underwater combat. Paint shop is a blast as well

Master-H1488d ago

The insta melt pistols from BO2 are back. That's all you need to know. The semi-auto and the full auto pistols can usually murk even SMG users upclose. I get more kills with them than I do with the rifle when I'm playing as a sniper lol