7 Reasons Why Black Ops 3 Can Lick Ma Hoop


"call of duty blacks ops 3, right, is coming oot soon, right? And i'm like that: call of jooty can lick ma hoop, man."

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Xbonewone320151179d ago

From a pure multiplayer point of view, titanfall continues to be the best experience so far.

Black ops 3 has half the gameplay titanfall does and manages to have terrible graphics in the process.

Can't wait for the masses to finally catch up and move on from this garbage.

kaizokuspy1179d ago

@xbone. Why would anyone take your comment seriously? Beta has only been out on ps4 and by looking at your name I'm sure you don't own one. That's not to say ps4 is best bc it's just a console like the xbox, point is, how are you able to bash the new cod without playing it? It is better than titanfall. Significantly better than titanfall. I go to CoD to play CoD. As for graphics, they aren't everything, nor will they ever be everything that matters in a game. TF2 is still more fun to me on last gen consoles, than a lot of multiplayer games that have come out this gen. Does that make everything that comes out this gen garbage? No, it just means I have a preferred MP experience and formula that really resonates with me.

Xbonewone320151179d ago

So what you are saying is that your personal preference (which are your words) is right, and my personal preference is wrong.

Lol ok.

Very funny comments about titanfall being only run and gun, yet you defend CoD because it's in beta.

Cod is cod is cod.

Titanfall was a breath of fresh original air to the genre.

You do realise that titanfalls wall running is 10p x superior than the half assed bops 3 attempt at it right?

@allsystemgamer below

Titanfall runs on the source engine. It doesnt run on the cod engine. When you compare titanfall graphics to bops3, titanfall destroys it.

Allsystemgamer1179d ago

Titanfall IS cod with mechs and it's even uglier than BO3. WAY uglier and I have the pc version and xb1 version. It's a very ugly game. It's fun for a while until ou realize every game mode is exactly the same. Run shoot. Run shoot. Even in the mechs it' DODGE shoot. YAY SO MUCH BETTER THAN EVERY OTHER GAME

that's why during peak hours it's like 4000 people if you're lucky.

Allsystemgamer1179d ago


No titanfall does not destroy blops 3. It doesn't even look like it belongs on the current gen. It's ugly. Muddy textures, terrible lighting and on xbo an unstable framerate for an ugly game on an old engine that's not even running in HD.

Saijahn1179d ago

Played a little of the beta and it's definitely a lot smoother than ghosts and aw. The game returned to relying on gun battles rather than jumpy mechanics and massive maps. The graphics aren't as bad as people make them out to be. It's no The Order, but it's definitely not horrific looking.

EazyC1179d ago

It's smooth, that's all you want really. I will leave RS: Siege to reviews and then decide whether to plump for that or this for winter FPS

pyroxxx1179d ago

I suck at it,.. but getting a bit better,.. Actually like it a lot

Simco8761179d ago

Skipping this CoD, but AW was fun. Return to 1940s Europe and I'm day one.


AW was easily the worst in the series

Simco8761179d ago (Edited 1179d ago )

That's the thing with opinions, they don't mean anything to people that don't care. It changed CoD to what it is now, so if you didn't like AW, then you won't like any CoD from here on out.

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