Things The Force Unleashed won't unleash

During GamesRadar's latest play session with The Force Unleashed, they felt just a little stifled. TFU puts some hyper-destructive Force powers at your disposal, sure, but where's the blood? The brutality? The evil? With that in mind, here's a wish list of things The Force Unleashed should include, but almost definitely won't.

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SmokingMonkey4320d ago

this has pissed me off for a long time. LIGHTSABER BASHING! in most Jedi games lightsabers are like bats rather than swords.
example: the lightsaber will cut through the wood of a tree in STFORCEUNLEASHED but it wont cut a stormtrooper in half?! why?
blood and gore, that's why! lucas wont make a truly M game.
(i realize there would be no blood from a cordarized lightsaber slash)

madjedi4319d ago (Edited 4319d ago )

Yeah but if all the enemies die with one saber slash, it makes for a boring ass game, as for the article, most of it is bs. Okay exploding heads isn't exactly what i have in mind, when i think of a star wars game. As fun as it is to rip enemies apart in god of war, i really don't want that in a star wars game.

Now about ripping objects apart/chucks of walls down, while it would be fun, it might be too hard to design/code, baring preselected/coded objects. I don't think we will see it in this gen i could be wrong, but sounds very complicated.

Now about using the force to make someone do something against their will, as obi won in a new hope stated the force has a influence on the weak minded.

The troopers/servants are conditioned to follow orders without question(not always the case but for most of the rank and file probably), someone like a jedi or a sith and other beings, jabba for instance are hardly weak minded.

I would seriously be surprised if force seduction/influence, isn't already a skill in a star wars game. Although that sounds like something that would be more suited to a rpg.

Gamekilla4319d ago

in the star wars universe (i'm going to nerd-out here people), aren't there always supposed to be 2 sith, one master and one apprentice, and have been for millenia. So, with darth cidious/lord palpatine, darth vader's master being alive and well, how can darth vader have an apprentice?

Prismo_Fillusion4319d ago

Good point! I hadn't thought about that.

But way to completely ruin the game.

micro_invader4319d ago

Shhhh, it's a secret. Don't tell the Emperor ;)

madjedi4319d ago

Lol yeah what the guy above me said, it is also one of the reasons vader tried to convince luke to join with him and overthrow the emperor, instead of serving along side him.

@prismo unless you have been under a rock for a while this should hardly be a spoiler of any significance, much less ruining a game. The first 5-10 minutes of the game should tell you this if not sooner, maybe a bit longer, i wont say why.

Regardless it still looks to be a fun game that will occupy me for some time.

sumfood4u4319d ago

Not a good ending, the creators lack the ending luster!