FIFA 16 Top Rated Players Predictions

Here are predictions on the top 5 highest rated players in the upcoming FIFA 16.

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chrisx1157d ago

Leo messi the greatest baller of all time

Nekroo911157d ago

Oh please even the biggest diver in the world, Neymar seems better that he actually is in Barça.

If Reus or Hazard were in Barça, Neymar would watch all games from the bench.

All the best player of all time from Maradona, Pele, Cruyff, Ronaldo (brazilian), Zidane, Di Stefano, had enough balls to play for different teams while Messi doesent and never will.

chrisx1157d ago

Instead of such a generic, basic and predictable statement why not state who the greatest player is? "Messi will not play in a different team and never will"? Oh so apart from being basic you are also a future teller?

kingahmad901157d ago

I guess you need to stop watching football , it's not for you .
tennis or billiards seems better for you

Nekroo911157d ago

Ronaldo is his prime was far superior than Messi, and its the brazilian. Better vision, finishing, drible and that's only one player so how can Messi be the best player of all time?!

Hell that ronaldo won everything including the world cup, so did Pele, Cruyff, Maradona and Zidane, how many world cup messi won? 0.000000000

chrisx1157d ago

Nekroo, stop spewing BS. Ronaldo never won the champions league

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KingPin1157d ago


Leo messi the greatest baller of all time once he achieves world cup glory with argentina.

until then he is just a great of the game.

kingahmad901157d ago

by that logic
materazzi > maldini
because materazzi achieved world cup glory with Italy unlike maldini.
Now . if messi accept playing for spain and won WC2010 , would that make him the best of all time ?
or if higuain scored against germany in WC2014 , would that make messi the best of all time ?

KingPin1157d ago (Edited 1157d ago )


did pele win a world cup by scoring important goals in the world cup finals? did maradona? did messi? theres a difference.

im not saying messi isnt the best of all time but unless he wins a world cup, there will always be a doubt whether he is or isnt.

if messi played for spain and was integral to them winning it then yes. but he disappeared in world cup 2010 for argentina. if higuain scored against germany then yes, messi would be the greatest coz who got them to the final in 2014.

soccerstaar13181155d ago

Top 5

Neymar - 88 Aguero - 88 Hazard - 88 Iniesta - 88
Robben - 89
Suarez - 90
Ronaldo - 93
Messi - 94