Girls In Gaming

From "Can every girl in gaming be a poor damsel in distress or stuck with a disproportionate chest? 1P and 2P debate once more..."

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Vitalogy4795d ago

Love the photo xD

I got one SNES too

Winter47th4795d ago (Edited 4795d ago )

Disgusting, how come everytime a story pops up on n4g about girl gamers the FP pic's gotta be of a gal posing half naked in a provocative situation? don't you people have any respect for the opposite sex? to women.

Women aren't sex objects, stop thinking with your nut sacks for once in your lives.

Idonthatejustcreate4795d ago

LoL wtf is wrong with u?

It's the human body created by life and you think that it's disgusting? Generation after generation we have thought our children and others that it's wrong to be naked in public. It's nothing wrong with it because we are born naked and not with some kind of fur coat on hiding away our "private area". In the stone age clothing was from the beginning just made so we would't freeze to death in the winter. After that it turned in to a ranking system so you could spot which ones that were poor and rich. Now we are suppose to feel ashamed of taking them off acording to you?

Get off your high horse and re-evaluate yourself alittle dude.

4795d ago
power0919994795d ago

"don't you people have any respect for the opposite sex? to women."

I am fairly sure that these women know what they are doing before they take these pictures taht are so demeaning.

If you don't like it, don't look at it.

People like you annoy me.

n4gzz4795d ago

I agree with you dude.

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theKiller4795d ago


now they want to make even the kids to perverts!!! no wonder if the feature will have more rapes and sexual abuses and violent against women!!

Silogon4795d ago

I think they mean "WHORES" in gaming.

sumfood4u4795d ago

gamming girls are just gamming girls! big chested flat chested who cares women are beautiful an I cherish any woman with a big heart who doesnt play games an disrespect everyone! I could careless how a woman body looks id prefer a flat chested faithful woman over a big chested cheater anyday!

NMC20074795d ago

Big Chested Women = Cheaters
Flat Chested Women = Faithful

WOW!!! I am so damn sick of this girl gaming issue, why is it even an issue? It's soooooooooooo annoying, and I know girls who are annoyed by it, both gamers and non gamers, why is this such a big damn deal?
Oh, that dev made a chick with a body better than mine, I am mad! GTFOH.

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