1up: PixelJunk Eden Review

1up's Nick Suttner writes: "It's tough to ignore the recent PixelJunk legacy, strange as it is. First, we got PixelJunk Racers, an overly simplistic stock car racing game (that I felt was more frustrating than fun). Then along came PixelJunk Monsters, which cleverly introduced tower-defense games to a console crowd (and which I loved). Now we have PixelJunk Eden -- a game whose lush presentation betrays its simplicity and carves an interesting niche in the spectrum of interactive art."

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skynidas4318d ago

Good score for an awesome game

THC CELL4318d ago

i think the game needs a 90 cause its fun u can upload the clips and has trophies that is hard to get unlike x box achievements where u put the game on and get a achievement WOW that is so much effort

CrashSharc4318d ago

sounds good! Looks like I'm gettin' it! Not that I needed 1Up's approval or anything :S

THC CELL4318d ago

its worth £5.00 or $9.99

SmokingMonkey4318d ago

monsters was cool, but eden is by far the best.
PSN quality

ELite_Ghost4318d ago

this game just makes you smile... :)