Omikron 2 - A New Title for the PS3?

Quantic Dreams(The people behind Heavy Rain) seem to be working on another new Ps3 Title, called Omikron 2. Gamespot seems to have listing for this game, and so does 1up. Right now put this one under rumor, but it seems like theres a new game on the Ps3's roster.

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monks4395d ago

if they are i hope its not a diffrent team and the original team is close to finishing HR

but that would be to much to hope for

ThanatosDMC4394d ago

Wow, back in the day when i downloaded the demo for Omikron... i got my ass handed to me by that hologram sparring program.

sushipoop4395d ago

one of the best PC games i ever played man i'd love to see a sequel. Sony should buy Quantic Dream.

Gregory House4394d ago

Sony has soo many First Part studios. Half of their studios haven't even announced what games their working on. All of which makes the upcoming Leipzig and TGS that more exciting.

RealityCheck4394d ago

It was not a perfect game but it was innovative for its time (leaping from body to body, full 3D hand to hand combat within an adventure game, etc.). I remember that the last boss fight was pretty hard too.

LightningPS34394d ago

I hope Quantic Dream has yet another PS3 game, but I hope it's not Omikron 2 cause that game sucks.

I think they can come up with something better than Omikron.

Fishy Fingers4394d ago

Your right, people are completely incapable of learning from their mistakes.


kazuma4394d ago

PRO-TIP: try playing the games to the very end before even talking about the game's quality.

juuken4394d ago

That was ignorant talk.

THC CELL4394d ago

Sony has 12 announcements if this is one of them
sony needs more exclusive games

i would love to see syphon filter

Panthers4394d ago

The voice acting made me laugh so hard in that game. But when I first tazed someone, it was magic.

spectyre4394d ago

Any one played the PSP games?
From Dark Mirror:
Lian Xing: "Gabe... They knew we were coming. They were ready for us."
Gabe Logan: "They knew we were coming... but I guarantee they're not ready."

"B" movie acting at its best. I love it.

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The story is too old to be commented.