FIFA 09: First Ever In-Game Videos Released

FIFA Soccer Blog:

"Hi all today we bring some of the first videos of FIFA 09 and boy are they good; they really show in detail some of the major improvements in this years game and give us a good taste of what we can look forward to."

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Vitalogy5775d ago

Well, it looks like EA made some major improvements for this title but, i'll wait for the final product to see what went wrong and/or good.

Physics look great though.

actas1235775d ago

what great improvements? The game looks the same, with the same sh1tty mechanics. It's still better than the Piece of sh1t PES though.

wantedboys5775d ago

did u notice there is a referee in the game

jasoncps5775d ago

Looks like EA wants to crush PES once and for all. Konami's massive stumble with the disastrous PES2008 bloodied up the waters and that hungry FIFA shark is on it's way.

I am personally a huge PES fan and never liked FIFA. So after seeing this, and seeing how good FIFA is getting, I am getting worried.

PES 2009 needs to be head and shoulders above 2008 to compete with what FIFA 09 has in store. If FIFA 09 has tight gameplay and good ball physics(which has been the two biggest negatives of the FIFA series), then EA has a gem on its hands.

Come on Konami, MAKE SURE PES 2009 IS GREAT.

okcomputer5775d ago

As usual, fifa looks amazing. The real question though (as always) is how does it play. Even though pes has failed to make any real progress in the last few years, its still superior to fifa in the gameplay dept. Konami really needs to get their act together.. we need some new gameplay innovations, since its basically been the same game since 2005, they also need to fix the absolutely unplayable online and on the visual front use some of that mgs4 money and acquire a few more licenses, get some decent presentation going, and upgrade the graphics to at least compete with fifa visually. I doubt it will happen though, after last year's huge disappointment I'm just hoping fifa can step up and finally take back the crown.

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Is Anybody Out There?

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" If an individual wants to include a social side to their gaming, they must now do so in dedicated communities, gaming clans and guilds, or by restricting themselves to their own friendship groups. No longer can it be found in our everyday experiences of the games we play online."

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TotalSynthesisX4130d ago

The reason why no one chats in-game anymore is because of three types of people:
1) The assholes that take the game too seriously and insult anyone that's better or worse than them,
2) The trolls that do nothing but teamkill or play loud, obnoxious music through the mic, and
3) The prepubescent snot-nosed children that are a mix of everything above.

If gamers actually had respect for one another and did their best to keep a clean competitive online environment, then maybe more people would be willing to plug their mics in. The odds of that ever happening, though? Slim. Very slim. It's a fact that being an anonymous entity online gives people a scapegoat to be immature; it gives them a mask to hide behind, and it's common for gamers to abuse that anonymity. Half of the stuff gamers say to each other while playing a game, they would never say face-to-face. Try going up to a random person at a gas station or shopping mall and call them a "d***-sucking f***** n*****" or talk about their mother. Odds are they'd deck you in an instant. But online? There's nothing they can do. It's essentially a Get Out Of Jail Free card.

It's a sad reality, but that's just the way it is -- and as much as we want it to change, it probably never will.


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TGC writes: There are those that like to argue whether you are a Fifa gamer or a Pro Evolution Soccer gamer. I’m going to take it one step further and say your either a football gamer or a non football gamer. The fact of the matter is a new game comes out every year with possibly the slightest difference from the previous game and they release it onto the shelves in quantities thinking that they’ve made something new and improved. I really think they should hold a prize for anyone who can spot the difference between FIFA 09 and FIFA10 because I’m really struggling.

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showtimefolks4306d ago

I use to buy every sports game I was interested in madden,MLB,nba and wwe along few others and I remember buying playing for few days than thinking why I paid full price for this. Than one year about 4 years ago I said no more and I have never bought another sports game at launch sometimes I do buy me when they $20 on craiglist of sale but that's barely

IMO sports games don't do enough to justify a fully price and that's just my opinion

If 2k can sell nfl 2k5 for $19.99 and make a profit than why are games today with less content are selling for full 60? No wonder why EA ran to nfl and bought the exclusive rights


Sports games shuld be every 2 years and in between dlc and more updates and stuff like tournaments

berndogskate4306d ago

If people are willing to buy them then whats the problem? i think its cod or mw123 you should be talking about, the new pes and fifa look good this year.


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