Frostbite Engine's Advanced Graphical Effects Revealed in Screenshots/Videos; PS4 Performance Shared

At Siggraph 2015 EA DICE Showcased its Frostbite engine and some of its advanced graphical effects in three talks titled “Stochastic Screen-Space Reflections” by Tomasz Stachowiak and “Physically-based & Unified Volumetric Rendering in Frostbite” by Sebastien Hillaire.

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Abriael3204d ago

Yeah. People rile endlessly on Dice, but frostbite is probably the best engine out there, at the moment.


Its a jack of all trades really. Most engines that look really good have at least one major flaw, rather it be Water, Physics, lighting, textures, etc. but Frostbite seems to be at least "Good" on everything

Grap3204d ago

We don't know the flaws because it's internal engine only used by EA because it's their engine.

starchild3204d ago

I agree. Some of the best-looking upcoming games, like Star Wars Battlefront and Mirror's Edge Catalyst, are made with Frostbite.

BallsEye3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

UE4 is at the moment superior to frostbite on all fronts. Scalability is just out of this world. I recommend you try it out, it's free. You will be amazed .

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death_gun3204d ago

PS4 is reall amazing, no wonder it's selling like hotcakes since is the most powerful console on the market

Neixus3204d ago

You can thank Dice for the engine, this isn't about Ps4, Xbox or the PC.

RegorL3204d ago

PS4 kind of matches DICE most wanted hardware from 2010
- lots of parallelism (GPGPU)
- unified memory


alabtrosMyster3204d ago

Well, frostbite games do run better on the ps4 than on the XB1... obviously if you have a good gaming PC it will run even better on it too...

The platform the use to show off their tech is the one they feel is most relevant to it,last get it was often the 360 as it ran most games better, this time around it's the PS4 because, well games run better on it... PC versions are too un-predictible.

Kiwi663204d ago

And that is relevant to the article in what way exactly

raymantalk13203d ago

death_gun makes a true statement the ps4 is the best console on the market at the moment FACT, this does not mean the xbox1 aint a good console it is, but its hardware is not as good as the ps4 FACT, live with it dont just deny the truth.

guyman3203d ago

Ps4 is really just a mid range pc at best. Nothing amazing at all. A console is defined by it's games, that's what makes it amazing.

TheXgamerLive3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )


Shhhhhhh quite now, let the big boys talk.

Console power has been uprooted now by the XB1 Dx12 and Azure Cloud but to be honest its all good so chilax and game.

No console has to try and spank another its all good Wii U too:)

On topic. I agree UE4 is a bit more life like but no, not all games go for true to life. They all have their strengths.

Dannylew3203d ago

Unreal Engine is the most overrated Engine on the planet...

and no... it's not life like.... UnrealEngine is completely LIFELESS...

TheXgamerLive3203d ago

Now now you know that's a lie. That's like saying a corvette is a slow sports car. Its NOT slow, maybe not my or your fav but not slow.

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DrDunc3204d ago

Looks great, my only one gripe with the frostbite engine is the water, they just cant seem to nail it. BF4 was a bit of an improvement. Sure they will get there soon enough though

HaHa_Ostrich3204d ago

So nice, so smooth. But really, what do these numbers mean? At 900p resolution is it a good benchmark or something?

turdburgler10803204d ago

I'm surprised they displayed it in 1600x900p.

Abriael3204d ago

Resolution is scalable. Any resolution is a good benchmark if you know the variables.

CertifiedGamer3204d ago

Dice made the best move by choosing 900p@60fps instead of 1080p@30fps specially when the next gen consoles launched and 1080p was the popular thing to do amongst developers.

isarai3204d ago

Really hope those volumetrics make it into Catalyst on the console versions