What is your Metascore? writes: Yes we are talking to you. We are not interested in what developers and publishers are shooting for (obviously they want a very high score). Whether the gaming community (hardcore at least) likes it or not, Metacritic has changed gaming in profound ways. Developers now use Metascores as a benchmark for measuring the success of a game and in some instances peg staff bonuses to achieving a high enough Metascore. But we aren't interested in the Metascores that the developers are aiming for. What really matters is the Metascore a gamer is willing to accept and still buy the game.

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chaostheory4324d ago

Scores are pointless, the important part of the review is what is written not the number tacked onto the end. The only reason I go to Metacritic is because I can easily access large numbers of reviews and make judgements off them.