Star Trek: Legacy Updated Q&A - Details on the Campaign, Command Points, and Gameplay

Associate producer Gary Conti fills us in on some of the gameplay to be found in this upcoming starship combat game.

This year not only marks the Star Trek franchise's 40th anniversary, but it will also see the return of Trek gaming after an absence of several years. Star Trek: Legacy is the upcoming starship combat game from Bethesda and Mad Doc Software, and it will appropriately tie together all the various Star Trek television series. In Legacy, you'll not only command a Federation starship in battle, but you'll also lead a small task force in action. Legacy's story begins in the Archer era with the NX-01 seen in Enterprise. It then moves on to Kirk's era with the classic Enterprise, before ending in the Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager eras. The game is being developed for both the PC and the Xbox 360, and we caught up with Mad Doc associate producer Gary Conti, who gave Gamespot some more details.

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USMChardcharger6548d ago

in the end of the interview, he tells about the huge battles that will take place.
that is some serious stuff going on at once on one screen.
i can't wait. this will fun if you are a trek fan or not.

Lucidmantra6547d ago

I wish they would port over EVE Online to the 360. that game owns anything this game will do online. And i think they could have a nice boost in players if it goes to 360. Just my EVE Online love coming out though.

PS360PCROCKS6548d ago

I hate star trek lol...but this game could be fun

TMoney6548d ago

I watched the gameplay footage and it's impressive. The trailer is ok, but the actual in-game footage is mouth watering! Check it out:

Anerythristic266548d ago

Shields !! Shields!! Love it, any sort of ship to ship interstellar strategy combat game will have me all over it. Beware on Live I'm ruthless , scandalous. I will call a truce and then fire when you are in perfect position , I;m a pirate!


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MysticStrummer4677d ago

They should include Enterprise, if only for Jolene Blalock.

xtremegamerage4677d ago

Voyager was actually decent, seven of 9.

Kahvipannu4675d ago

Hmmm, so I can pick one gallery from that site, and post it as news here, and I get approval?


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5237d ago