Resistance 2: Big bosses... small thinking. Do developers have *any* new ideas?

To qualify this, Resistance 2 will probably be one of the best games of the year, with pacing and set-pieces to rectify the 'flat' structure of the promising, atmospheric, but limited and rushed original. But, but... jee-sus... could they maybe temper that with an original idea?

That skyscraper-sized boss that 'stole' the show at Sony's recent E3 conference (well, not so much stole, as saved)? It's the Cloverfield monster, reduced to an incomprehensively-linear, but exciting, level-long boss set-piece. Those zombie-like aliens running through narrow deserted streets? The virus-addled mentalists from I Am Legend. Basically, the 'geniuses' at Insomniac - and we're going to qualify this, since it's not as mean as it sounds - have seen two of the biggest man-friendly, nerdcore, alt-sci-fi movies of the last year, and... copied them. Thank Jupiter Mamma Mia wasn't in cinemas at the time, eh?

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Wildarmsjecht4701d ago (Edited 4701d ago )

Wow. Ok.

*Rolls eyes at CVG*

riqued4701d ago

That is really lame... R2 development started before Cloverfield was released just listen to the latest Full Moon Podcast!

If you want originality just look to R1 awesome weapons! Or a FPS game set in an alternative past with aliens and all!

Thumbs down CVG...

BigBoy20004701d ago

And I don't know about anyone else, but I've seen Cloverfield and I've seen the R2 boss video he's talking about... aside from the size, not one single other similarity!!!

chitown4701d ago (Edited 4701d ago )

first of all resistance was in development before. secondly who gives a flying fuc who invented humongous bosses. as long as its fun as hell to play(which resistance one proved, and now resistance 2 looks to improve) those boss fights look mad fun, and i wont be sitting there thinkin "hmmmm this was in cloverfield" as long as its awesome who gives a sh!t?

what a lame article BS flame bait

MazzingerZ4701d ago

I hate when people post stuff where they say it's a great game BUT and then the bashing if saying "It's a great game", "will be one of the best", etc, etc gives them a license to bash an unfinished product. What a waste of space and bandwidth

juuken4701d ago

...I would like to know what the f*ck they were smoking.

sonarus4701d ago

R2 has been in development for a while. They said they already had their clover field monster before clover field came out and their monster looks nothing like clover field monster. NOTHING. The i am legend guys do bare a striking resemblance but common.

When will people understand that no idea is original. Would i criticize epic games for unreal tournament and gears of war characters looking too similar.

thePatriot4701d ago

Is the most difficult part. lots of competition. why not yell at cod: world at war. weapons, co-op, multiplayer and scale is what sets R2 appart and makes it unique.

rhood0224701d ago

Hmm...I seem to remember that when Cloverfield came out, there were articles stating how the monsters looked like they were from Resistance.


gamerosity4701d ago

Yeah, whatever it was juuken, I want some of that, it must be the $#!!...

DaTruth4701d ago

So anything with giant monsters has officially been deemed copying since...King Kong. This must have been what King Kong fanboys said about Godzilla.

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sajj3164701d ago

"Those zombie-like aliens running through narrow deserted streets? The virus-addled mentalists from I Am Legend. Basically, the 'geniuses' at Insomniac - and we're going to qualify this, since it's not as mean as it sounds - have seen two of the biggest man-friendly, nerdcore, alt-sci-fi movies of the last year, and... copied them. Thank Jupiter Mamma Mia wasn't in cinemas at the time, eh? "

Interesting ... I guess this dude has never seen a Godzilla or King Kong movie. Cloverfield? I guess those characters in I AM LEGEND don't have a similar story to the T-CELL virus from Resident Evil?

Point is ... how many skyscrapper size enemies have been in a video game on a level landscape as massive as the ones in Chicago for Resistance 2 .. and no King of Monsters for Neo Geo does not count ;)

iceman28854701d ago

This guy's rant is absolutely ridiculous.

Apparently giant sized monsters were only exclusive to Cloverfield, forget the 100 before that and the fact that they probably started production of Resistance 2 before Cloverfield was released.

As for the 'Zombie' like people, just because they are pale and they run they are just like I am Legend? Well I offer this novel concept, what happens when you combine the appearances of zombies in Resident Evil 1 and the crazed fast running zombies from 28 Days Later, bam, the 'zombie-like' creatures from I am Legend. I guess I am Legend is unoriginal as well.

I mean, if we are gonna use Resistance 2 as a theme for copying I could do the same thing with just about any game out there.

This guy's rant = stupid

NathanGra4701d ago

Sure, the idea of large creatures on a dramatic scale is nothing new... but how many games have truly implemented it? I can think of two or three off the top of my head. This is hardly a reason to claim "Do developers have any NEW ideas?".

Resistance 2 will put this on a new scale, mid city. It's going to be amazing and I think this article was doomed the moment it was written to be the focus of criticism.

thebudgetgamer4701d ago

somebody better cut mr romero a check

PwnShop4701d ago

What about boss that is as hard, but teeny tiny.

sajj3164701d ago

I would love to see that!

darkshiz4701d ago

A tiny flea with a size of a bullet. It has a tiny pistol that'll kill you in 5 shots. It'll be agile and nimble.

Lmao for the hardest boss in a fps ever if there is such thing.

NathanGra4701d ago

Don't know if anyone played that game, but it was essentially a guncon game for the PS1 that had hundreds of mini games. One of which was to shoot a fly (that small) that was buzzing around the room at an impressive speed. The catch? You had one shot.

darkshiz4701d ago

^Rofl and isn't that those arcade games?

That'll humiliate some people.

SlyGuy4701d ago

in Guild Wars: Nightfall.

Basically this huge guy (named Koss) gets pwned by a teeny tiny frog that is invincible.

Very make a good point: more games should try this.

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TheColbertinator4701d ago

Yeah just like Halo,Gears,Area 51,Unreal Tournament and Half Life all copied from ALIENS!!!

STFU and let Gears 2 and Resistance 2 come out so we can see if they are good.Other than that...Shut up!

La Chance4701d ago

Im with you on that one.Just cant wait for Res2 and Gears 2 to come out so we can get it over with.
I personnaly dont have the slightest doubt as to who will be coming up on top .

Same goes for games like KZ2, I wish it was coming out this year so we can FINNALY stop talking about it and let the reviews and sales etc put an end to the whole thing.Same goes for Too Human , just get it out already.

TheColbertinator4701d ago

@La chance EXACTLY.

See?You understand unlike some people.Lets wait until the games come out and see which is better.Im buying both of course but all this "prediction" about how Gears 2 and Resistance 2 is bogus.There is four months to go but so far the games have'nt been shown over 20%.

This article is stupid because whenever an original game like ICO or Okami comes out nobody buys it because its "too weird"

Overr8ed4701d ago

True, that means nobody can make a new idea without someone comparing it with some other form huh.

theKiller4701d ago

that is they r all movies but resistance is a game, and yet we didnt see a game to put all these idea in one game!!

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TheColbertinator4701d ago

It came from Outer Space


War of the Worlds

Close Encounters with the third kind

darkshiz4701d ago

Must bow to our new overlords.