Giant Enemy Crab - The legend lives on...

Three years ago at Sony's E3 conference, Genji producer Bill Ritch took to the stage to show off his new game; a moment that'll be forever etched in time as one of the most embarrassing, cringeworthy moments in the history of videogames. It was, of course, the infamous Giant Enemy Crab speech, where Bill explained that Genji was based on real events from Japanese history, only to immediately follow his claim with "So, here's this giant enemy crab. I'm going to flip it over and attack its weak spot for massive damage."

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sajj3164704d ago

The ones below are interesting and some of these games are Sony exclusives! Good that Sony can laugh at themselves ;)

- In MotorStorm there's a set of races called 'Giant Enemy Crab'.

- On the end credits for PSN game Super Stardust HD, a message reads "may all your giant enemy crabs belong to your weak spot for massive damage".

- In Heavenly Sword, Kai interrogates an enemy commander for a password that she needs. When the commander declines, she points her crossbow at his groin and says "Perhaps I'll hit your weak point... for massive damage!"

- In Monster Hunter Freedom 2 there is a quest named 'Giant enemy crab', where you must battle a crab-like enemy.

- In the Springfield Zoo level of The Simpsons Game, a sign states that the Giant Ancient Crab exhibit is "closed due to massive damage".

yesah4704d ago

lol i think the simpsons one is the best.

decapitator4704d ago

Flip the crab and hit it for MAXIMUM damage points..or somn like that...Ahh good time.. Good times.

juuken4704d ago

Funny...that name reminds me of someone...

Lol, that article was amusing alright.

ThanatosDMC4704d ago

I know of who you're talking about... but he seems to be MIA for quite a while now.

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sak5004704d ago

I want to see Giantenemycrab's comment on this article :D

thekingofMA4704d ago

i was just about to suggest that...

TitanUp4704d ago

lol sajj i didn't know all of that i mean i knew the heavenly sword and motorstorm ones but not the rest thanks for the info.

that was one of the craziest press conferences ever remember 599? at the end there

sajj3164704d ago

I should have said its from the article ... I don't think I would have noticed it either if it wasn't for this article :)

The Karate Kid4704d ago

any crab lovers that can give the karate kid bubbles?

sajj3164704d ago

+1 ... I'm in a good mood today after looking at the NCSoft games

kewlkat0074704d ago (Edited 4704d ago )

It really got people talking about the PS3 early on and helped the game sell I'm sure.

Who was that guy that announced that game anyhow?

Is there a, Where are they now? Documentary..

Riiiiidge Racer was the Icing tough...

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