Saints Row dev couldn't get its head around Cell

Saints Row developer Volition has elaborated on the botched release of the original game on PS3, telling CVG in an interview "we just couldn't get our heads around the Cell technology".

"In Saints Row 1 we got about half way through the process and then we realised that we just couldn't get our heads around Cell," producer Dan Sutton told CVG. "It's just really complicated and I'm sure you noticed other games like Stranglehold push their dates up. "Cell's really, really powerful. The problem is it's also a really different system, the way it uses multi-threading technology."

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apoc6154362d ago (Edited 4362d ago )

Well hire some qualified people to work on it.There are plenty of qualified people if you will open the check book.

Admiratio4362d ago

"For the sequel Volition has since hired a dedicated PS3 team to tackle the hardware."

Bubble Buddy4362d ago

Go call Insomniac and Naughty Dog.

avacadosnorkel4362d ago

If all the PS3 has going for it developer-wise is Naughty Dog and Insomniac I for one, would be worried.

thor4362d ago

Look even EA are starting to get games out with equivalent versions across the systems; many devs are producing better looking games on PS3, and some exclusive PS3 games are well ahead of any Xbox game out there. So I wouldn't be worried.

gaffyh4362d ago

@avacado - Naughty Dog helped develop Edge Tools for PS3 with Sony, so they could easily help any developer. It also shows you why Uncharted looks and feels so great to play. Also Insomniac has openly said that they would be willing to help 3rd party devs that are having problems developing for the PS3.

FantasyStar4362d ago

Don't forget to add Insomniac & Guerrilla Games to that list of Edge Tools (formally known as Playstation Edge) contributors.

thebudgetgamer4362d ago

who wants to be forward thinking when you can be lazy and keep doing the same thing on the same architecture

juuken4362d ago

The help is right there in front of third party developers and yet they use the same excuses over, and over again.

Bangladesh4362d ago

While I agree that devs are improving on the Cell. I certainly haven't played or seen any ps3 games that are "well ahead" of everything on 360. And that includes MGS4, Uncharted, and KZ2. Maybe I've just played more games than you have, but I haven't played/seen ANY ps3 game that couldn't graphically be done on the 360 and vice-versa.

tplarkin74361d ago

The Xbox 360 is forward looking. 3-Core CPU, embedded DRAM, and the first consumer machine to use unified shaders. I think Sony was backward looking since they divided the RAM between GPU and CPU.

shazam4361d ago (Edited 4361d ago )

that was the most ignorant statement i have ever heard. you have no idea what you're talking about.

i posted a big wall of text on here explaining this. i will see if i can dig it up.


her it is:

"The only reason why the Xbox 360 is able to have a unified memory architecture is because of the 10MB of high bandwidth EDRAM for the frame buffer. If it did not have this, the frame buffer would have to be stored on the GDDR3. Xenon (the CPU) has to ask Xenos (the GPU) if it can use some of the RAM. But if the frame buffer was in the GDDR3, there would be no bandwidth left for the CPU. So basically the CPU wouldn't be able to function, which means that the system would be unable to function. The 360 simply wouldn't work without the EDRAM.

So Microsoft chose to add more heat and cost for a 100M transistor daughter die in order to have a slightly more flexible memory architecture. In fact I bet that if the Xbox 360 had a split memory architecture and no EDRAM, there would be no RROD problem right now. Every other modern computing system riht now has a split memory architecture between the CPU and GPU. This includes PS3, PC's, Macs, etc.. I also guarantee that the next Xbox will have split memory."

Tarasque4361d ago (Edited 4361d ago )

Let me get my rain coat the tear's are going to fly....Boohoo....they arn't as good as Naughtydog....Boohoo....Why dont they call insomniac....Boohoo. I don't blame a single dev that doesn't wan't to make game's for the ps3 alot of them don't have the time nor the money to be wasting time learning a new tech, when there is 2 platform's you can make money at in half the time. That would be like someone asking you if you wanted this high paying job in 2 year's or 4 year's what would you pick? But if you pick 2 year's you are more likely to make more money than if you pick 4 year's.

Dareaver14361d ago

So let me get this right, you are knocking the 360 for its architecture in the GPU. So what if it needs the EDRAM, wasn't that the point. MS paid ATI to develop a GPU that they could utilize in the 360. All it's components are specifically designed for running on the 360. That's a pointless argument, that's just as bad as complaining about the Cell architecture.

Your argument is purely pointless. The PS3's Cell architecture is not conventional and not in common pc's, but it deserves praise; and then the 360's architecture is not conventional and not in current pc's but it should be reverted back to what is conventional. I'm sorry but your argument can't hold water without being seen as a total hypocrisy.

There are plus and minuses to both consoles architecture, but by insinuating ones unconventional setup is great and to knock the others is hypocritical. The Cell (a beast at processing power, but harder to develop for/understand, and we have the 360's (future tech, said to be 2 generations ahead on 360's release, but causes increased heat production); what was your point?

Oh and there were more variables on why the 360 had hardware failures. Where they were assembled, they weren't allowed to use a certain grade soldering. The soldering they wanted to use had higher heat thresholds, but it's impact on the environment made it not useable in the country they were manufactured.
Both consoles use future tech that might or might not be adopted to personal pc's. That's why they are made specifically for consoles.

thebudgetgamer4361d ago (Edited 4361d ago )

its an awesome console capable of amazing games. what I'm talking about is lazy devs that don't want to push themselves and i get that the ps3 is a beast to code on but i think its been proven that devs willing to push themselves they can create awesome software for the big black box

MorganX4361d ago

I wouldn't call them Lazy. Development costs money. Everyone isn't EA. Why wouldn't developers use tools that are easier to use and utilize skills that can also be used on other platforms?

Microsoft excels at developer tools and supporting developers. It appears Sony does not. As it becomes more profitable, more developers will invest in learning the PS3 architecture and how to code for it well. Unfortunately, all that investment can only see an ROI once. Sony sales. Whereas development skills on the 360 can potentially provide ROI on the 360, PCs, and XBLA, on top of being easier to learn and having a larger pool of experienced developers.

It's somewhat analagous to Sony's decision to use Bluetooth for its remote. How many peripheral makers are going to make a universal Bluetooth remote for PS3? There are several for 360.

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Le-mo4362d ago

They should've asked Sony to send in some of their Ninjas to help.

Leathersoup4362d ago

Sony's ninjas are too busy trying to get Home to work.

ActionBastard4362d ago

Wouldn't "Sony's ninjas are too busy trying to get Home released" be more accurate? Meh. Tomato/Tomaato

bluecapone4362d ago

saints row 2 will still be garbage i'll stick with the GTA franchise for my sandbox needs

spandexxking4362d ago

i wanna see what saints 2 is like. sorry but gta4 sucked

beavis4play4362d ago

gta4 wasn't nearly as good as vice city or san andreas

va_bank4362d ago

yeah. I'm disappointed in GTA as well. That's the only reason I will check out Saints Row this time.

Unless it turns out that they STILL didn't get "their head around PS3".

CViper4362d ago

Blew severe donkey.

Removed all of the features, tossed you in a buggy empty city to where you cant even rob banks at will..

If you are talking Crime fun, Saints Row has taken that crown from the GTA series. They remember what made GTA fun and they improved on it. GTa is now about over advertising, over hyping, and over selling. The better game is definitely saints row.

254362d ago

sure there was a lot of detail and care put into it. but the game fell short of expectations. i had more fun playing saints row than gta4, so i am looking forward for the sequel.

Fishy804362d ago

well i didnt like GTA4, not that great.
and i saw some saints row 2 video's it looks like a ps2 game :(

keops34361d ago

Waiting for L.A.NOIRE and MAFIA 2

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ActionBastard4362d ago

I wish they could have got their heads around an interesting story, fun multiplayer and more QA. Trying to enter a car, only to pop up on the hood is lame.

fresco4362d ago

How about driving a car in GTA4 and it disappears lol

themyk4362d ago

are you talking about saints row. or gta4?

because from what i understand. saints row multi player is going to piss all over gta4s multi player.

gta4 wasn't THAT bad of a game. they tried to take it in another direction.

saints row is going to be fun as hell

mistertwoturbo4362d ago

Meh, this is sooooo 2006/2007 news

Anyway, they don't need to just get their heads around the PS3, but the 360 also. They have last-gen animations for crying out loud.