TPCG preview: SBK '08

If there's one main problem for developers of annually released sports simulations, it's that of variety. After all, if last year's attempt at transforming a wellknown activity into a believable videogame was even half-decent – and you can be sure that the studio said this was the case upon release – then there shouldn't be all that much that can be improved. The upshot of this is that the yearly editions of games like FIFA and Virtua Tennis end up being identical apart from some graphical refinements, a refresh of a licence and a few tweaks to the physics engine. It's the nature of the beast, of course, but you'll have to excuse TPCG if they approach such titles with a little bit of cynicism.

The bad news then, is that, from name alone, you'd expect SBK08 to be precisely that sort of videogame. We've already had SBK07 and it's all too easy to expect another dose of exactly the same. Yet thanks to Milanese developer Milestone and its genuine love of motorsport, it looks like this could be one of the few exceptions. The guys on the team are massive Superbike enthusiasts.

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Snoozer2824704d ago

I reviewed it two months ago for a UK website on PSP, it was dreadful. No idea what the PC version is like.