Faster and slicker but no easier: Hands-on with Dark Souls III [RPG Site]

RPG Site goes hands-on with Dark Souls III and seems to like what they see:
"Between weapon arts and the slicker movement, Dark Souls III appears to be more of the same but with subtle tweaks that add up to be more than the sum of their parts - something I strongly suspect is precisely what most fans of the series want - and it proves that despite briefly stepping away from the series, Miyazaki's vision for Souls remains relatively and perhaps reassuringly static."

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Perjoss1524d ago

My most anticipated game after Fallout 4

thekhurg1524d ago

It was way up there on my list too until all this "faster" gameplay junk started to surface. Hated Bloodborne for how quick it was - turned a strategic experience into a button mash dodge-fest for all boss battles.

Much prefer the other Souls' games for their slower more methodical approach to combat.

Perjoss1524d ago

Well DS3 still has full on shield mechanics which Bloodborne didnt have, if you still dont like it you can always play the old games they ain't going anywhere, Demon's Souls and Dark Souls are still amazing games.

Omnisonne1524d ago

One of the main differences between Dark souls and BB is the amount of weapons, tools and playstyles you can use. I'm sure Dark Souls 3 will have a ton more options than Bloodborne, so if you prefer strategic combat you can just go that route, I doubt they changed that approach.

It just gives people who liked the fast paced dodge n' slice style from Blood some room too.

thekhurg1524d ago

Oh I know they'll have more options than Bloodborne, but if you watch that reveal trailer, you can see at least one boss-like enemy swinging like crazy and the character gliding dodging just like in Bloodborne.

My heart literally sank some when I saw that. I know Bloodborne was popular and successful, but as a Souls' fan, I just didn't like it.