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Sly Cooper was a decent set of games on the PS2. Though never gaining the commercial momentum of Jak And Daxter or Ratchet & Clank, these platforming titles brought more innovation to the table than either of those franchises. Sucker Punch, having revealed inFamous at E3 2007, has finally shed details on its next title, which looks to be a massive departure from what the company's used to. inFamous is a free-roaming superhero title with elements of the platform genre; the level of graphical detail is shockingly gorgeous, even though some of the footage we've seen makes the game look a tad pedestrian.

inFamous follows the story of Cole, an everyman who's instructed to deliver a package to the middle of nowhere. Soon, however, he discovers that the package is a bomb, and attempts to defuse it – unfortunately, he fails, and is made responsible for the events that follow its destruction. Oddly, his attempt at defusing the bomb gave superpowers to everyone in the blast radius, which included a number of gang lords. PLAY know, it sounds nuts, but this essentially leaves your hero with a tasteful set of powers, as he tries to clear his name, and find those responsible for the bomb.

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thereapersson4701d ago

Only with better graphics, story and play mechanics. Can't wait for this!