New DS predicted for Christmas

Analyst says that weak Japanese sales of Nintendo's handheld will see second hardware revision before the end of the year
Nintendo has a history of refining its hardware offerings, and leading games analyst Michael Pachter has, on the back of the firm's strong financials, predicted that the platform holder's world-conquering DS could see its third incarnation hit retail before the year is out.

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Diselage3784d ago

Isn't this like predicting the sun will rise tomorrow?

RealityCheck3784d ago (Edited 3784d ago )

We'll know for sure at the Tokyo Game Show (TGS), if not announced there then it won't be this year.

I for one fully expect Nintendo to milk this for as long as they can, I would think Fall '09 more likely than by the end of '08.

PS360WII3784d ago

It won't have to play GBA games but it better play DS games then it's golden ^^

kingme713784d ago

Reggie said flat out at E3, no new DS hardware in '08.

elitewh0re3784d ago

what else could they update to it? is it worth picking one up now, or waiting for a new one?

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