Xbox 360 'Opus' Motherboard Discovered

IGN has been following the Xbox 360's various hardware alterations for quite a while now, and it's been a pretty interesting story so far. From the original, RRoD prone Xenon mobo to the Zephyr and Falcon successors as well as the upcoming Jasper design, there's been no shortage of news in the field.

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Wildarmsjecht3828d ago

Sacre Bleu!

That's not nice at all.

iMad3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

He just spined an original article to 180 degree.
IT was a good MS news. Now it is bad MS news in topic and text cuted out of contest.

IN reality original article tells what MS replace original RRoD motherboards with Falcon-family Opus to ensure it will not RRoD.

Relcom3828d ago

and yet you approved it???? wtf?

Lew_Ijgee3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

Maybe English isn't your native language???

Maybe you should go to school more often???

That just gives me a headache.

Lifendz3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

baby steps to eliminating the RROD forever. Now if all the other problems with the 360 could go away, they'd have a system as durable as the original Xbox.

TheMART3828d ago


Thats how the SDF works and are working in groups to get news totally facked over. Started about a year ago and its pretty sad.

Kyur4ThePain3828d ago

Who are you referring to? Noxious?

dantesparda3828d ago

I would rather MS give me a straight up Falcon 360 than one of these, cuz at least you'd be getting HDMI for the trouble. But no, MS always looking for a way to nickel and dime you, rather do it this way because its benefits them, not you. And Mart stop being your usual fanboy self. And there's also a Microsoft Defense Force, and you're one of their leaders

3828d ago
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Excalibur3828d ago

No wait! It's the author that is spinning.
Fanboyism has just reached a new low.

iMad3828d ago

Authir has corrected topic and description.

NoxiousD3828d ago

I just found this article on IGN and posted it on here, it was an quite interesting article. I didn't know how to disect it really. But this opus chip seems to go into the original xbox 360's, to cover up the error that started the ring problem. But, how is the opus helping them recoup lost money? I own all three systems i chose no side, lol.

edhe3828d ago

The Opus will go into the original xenon systems giving them a much smaller heat profile.
Those systems are still RRODing and going back to MS. They swap the motherboard, sort the licenses and send them back.

Now the user who had the problem now has the latest gen motherboard, and the chances of repeated failure are diminished.

P4KY B3828d ago

My 360 was collected by UPS yesterday. So fingers crossed I will get it back with an Opus board.

Omega43828d ago

Hopefully now the RROD problem will become nonexisitant, and everyone wont have to leave in fear

edhe3828d ago

Agreed. A lot of people saw the breakdown as a deal breaker. had it never had happened the 360 would've retained a lot of the sales the ps3 got.

once it's nailed i think MS need to do some advertising about their cooler, quieter systems that go with the new dash.

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The story is too old to be commented.