Avalanche Studios on Max Max: Fighting for survival, RPG elements & your legend

It has been a long time coming for the Avalanche Studios team working on the upcoming open-world, action game Mad Max. Originally revealed during E3 2013, the game then went through a dark period that lasted for well over a year and a half, but here we are with launch only a few weeks away, and Mad Max is looking quite good.

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RuleNumber51615d ago

Same! The Twitch stream they did last week was pretty epic actually. Love the day night cycle, the game looks surprisingly gorgeous at nighttime with the sunsets and all.

mgszelda11615d ago

They should not have set that release date the same day as mgsv. It's gonna hurt it

objdadon1615d ago

I applaud them for releasing it and not being scared. I don't think it will hurt them nearly as much as die hard metal gear fans think.

Minute Man 7211614d ago

MGS 5 won't hurt Mad Max sales, plenty games coming out. Different strokes for different folks