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"Arrowhead Game Studios have took the Gauntlet series and brought it to modern gamers. Whilst they haven’t really evolved the series, or even the genre as a whole, the new approach to the classic formula offers plenty for series veterans as well as newcomers. The well designed environments, although somewhat repetitive, are a treat to venture through and slaying enemy after enemy has a sense of satisfaction to it – especially with the variety of enemy on offer. Each character you can play as also offers a different dimension to the gameplay; there aren’t many games where each character choice makes you feel like you are playing a different game."

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IamTylerDurden11616d ago

Looks fun, i will definitely play this on PS4.

useapotion1616d ago

It was really enjoyable - I highly recommend it. The community is pretty active with the game at the moment too, so may be worth jumping in sooner rather than later.

IamTylerDurden11616d ago

Does it have a platinum? How is it compared to Diablo on PS4?

useapotion1616d ago

It has a platinum trophy. As for Diablo comparisons whilst it isn't as fleshed to out as Diablo it's a good arcade styled alternative.