DD Can Slit Throats With a Knife In Metal Gear Solid V

SegmentNext - Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain features different buddies, including Quiet and Diamond Dog who’ll help Big Boss during his missions.

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SteamPowered1621d ago

A dog killing a human with a knife sounds like the dumbest thing ever, ever.

turdburgler10801621d ago

Why doesn't the dog just rip the man's throat out with its teeth? A knife just seems silly.

Swiggins1621d ago

How about giant dog with a giant motherf**king sword?!

Brotard1621d ago

It's metal gear people... What did you expect

d3nworth11621d ago

Hippster dog because use teeth was too mainstream.

1621d ago
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just_looken1621d ago

Just going to post for all those casual's here.

That is a stun knife like a tazer no killing he just knocked the guy out.

trenso11619d ago

i think he stunned him and didnt kill him. You can see the electricity and not blood which is cool still.

PlayableGamez1621d ago

Every time I see more of this game, I love it even more...

bunt-custardly1621d ago

Every time I see more of this game another piece is spoiled. Not ruined, but spoiled. It's my choice to watch these things but I wish they didn't include so much stuff that players could discover for themselves.

trenso11619d ago

I know what you mean that would have awesome to see on my own now I know and cannot un-know. I'm just gonna have to going to have to stop looking at anything metal gear.

DEEBO1621d ago

Brother is been too long!
Can anyone tell me who says that in the MGS saga?

Man I'm just happy it's finally coming out and everyone can play it.
Mgs4 was a masterpiece even though i dozed off during one of the cutscenes.

But it was only ps3 now this has every idea kojima has put in the series(not all of them)

Truthfully i don't care about any other game coming out later this year.MGS5 will be my game of the year i don't care what gaming critic's say.

MasterCornholio1621d ago

Why not put a laser beam on its head?

FullmetalRoyale1621d ago

I feel like "frickin" should have been used more than once in your sentence.
*raises pinky to mouth*

iceman061620d ago

"One MIIILLLIIOOON dollars!!!" LOL

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The story is too old to be commented.