The XBox 360's most violent game

Via DenofGeek: "I am wearing a fake beard and dark glasses as I type this. A friend of a friend has arranged a safe house for me at a secret location somewhere in Kent. Last week, I churlishly added Zelda:Twilight Princess's Midna into a list of my least favourite video game characters, which, if certain internet forums are anything to go by, hasn't gone down well with some people. To all the disgruntled Midna fans out there, and to Midna's friends and family, I humbly apologise. Now please, can I take this fake beard off? It's starting to itch..

Still, it's not all bad news this week - after months of clandestine plans and strategies, I've finally managed to acquire a fabulous XBox 360. This might not sound like a big deal to most of you, but those who read my first ever column way back in the mists of time (okay, four months ago) may recall that Sarah, my better half, had flatly refused to let me have any latest generation console other than the Nintendo Wii."

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Gaystation 35532d ago (Edited 5532d ago )

"such is its level of depravity; it contains animal cruelty, sex, violent death, and even incest"

I thought this article was about Viva Pinata. Not what Sony Droids do when not trolling on N4G.

shadowghost7525532d ago

Just so you know i think he is being sarcastic, no need to take it seriously.

Dark Kitsune5532d ago

Wow, that went right over your head. Didn't it.

Bangladesh5532d ago

Entertaining read, the guy has a good sense of humor. I can see his points about Viva Pinata as well. I don't think it would be harmful to children though. A childs knowledge of the world isn't on the same level as an adults. I was really suprised though myself how much the mechanics of the game simulated the actual circle of life.

PwnShop5532d ago

Screw Gears of War, This game is BADASS.

militant075532d ago

viva pinata one of my favorite games every and i think its little complicated for kids
but still its soooooooooooooooo much fun

titntin5532d ago

Yeah - sadly overlooked, but I'm looking forward to the new version! :)

Superfragilistic5532d ago

Yeah still one of my favourites and easily the best work Rare's done since MS bought them.

Looking forward to VP2 for some more pinata crack!

militant075532d ago

btw guys my cousin 5 years old and he played san andress and hes playing now GH3 , not joke
he like Games rated with "M"

Bangladesh5532d ago

My son is 5, I don't just turn him loose on anything. He is a big fan of the Lego games, Cloning Clyde, etc. He's a huge Star Wars fan. I'm debating whether or not to get him The Force Unleashed. He already knows about it, and asks me occasionally if it has been released.

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Revival rumors swirl as Microsoft renews Viva Piñata trademark

Viva Piñata could well make a come back after Microsoft moved to renew the trademark, along with Blast Corps.

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-Foxtrot445d ago

Rather see Banjo-Threeie

Hell a remake-revamp of Grabbed by the Ghoulies, great concepts, not executed the best but having everything around you as a weapon was great, with new tech they could get more creative

Sciurus_vulgaris445d ago

Microsoft has been gradually rebooting Rare IPs. I wouldn’t be surprised if MS announces another Rare IP reboot after Perfect Dark release in 2023-2024. Based on popularity you would think Banjo, Viva Piñata and Conker would be the next likely candidates for rebooting [or a new release].

maxbeverett445d ago

Agree completely with you but Viva Pinata would be beautiful with modern graphics

AngainorG7X445d ago

Banjo, Conker, Kameo so many great IPs, come on MS..

maxbeverett445d ago

Conker is a particularly great shout

XiNatsuDragnel445d ago

So much rare IPs cmon Microsoft

Fearmonkey444d ago

I loved the first game, id love a new game like the first one.

EazyC444d ago

This game rocked. It was so relaxing making a little garden and getting pinatas to... Dance with each other.

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5 Neglected Rare Franchises That Also Deserve a Comeback

Jared writes: "With the Battletoads having made a triumphant return, let's look at the rest of Rare's back catalog for which series deserves a return to form next."

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GaboonViper1123d ago

I want a new Perfect Dark, Banjo and Jet Force Gemini.

Bathyj1123d ago

I actually don't want them. I'm not a big fan of Microsoft rehashing IPs they had nothing to do with creating just because they happen to own them.

Before you call me fanboy tell me a game they did that to that actually lives up the the original?

Just leave our beloved memories alone. You want to bring something back, redo crimson Skies or Brute Force. At least they were your games and they need updates.

gamer78041123d ago

I'm all for The Initiative rebooting perfect dark as a third person though, sounds like its trying something new and not just rehashing with a new coat of paint with this idea. Hope we see a tease of it in the next showcase.

gamer78041123d ago

Rumor is The Initiative is working on rebooting Perfect Dark in third person, normally I wasn't a fan of taking existing IPs but if its something new like this I'm up for it.

jznrpg1123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )

Don’t give them the Battletoads treatment .