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Alastair at GameSpew writes: "Abducted is a point and click sci-fi adventure that parachutes you into a hostile and unfamiliar world. Getting abducted by aliens is the oldest story in the book, but it’s a narrative that hasn’t been explored very often in video games. Originally developed for iOS, Sunside Inc. is attempting to upgrade the experience for PC gamers.

Considering it’s called Abducted I was hoping to play through an actual alien abduction: I expected spotlights, low-flying UFOs and anal probes. Story-wise however, the game is all about what happens after abduction. The Early Access release features an unfinished single player story mode and, in what might be a nod to Ripley in Alien, the playable characters are all women. Any comparison with the films pretty much ends there though because at this stage the game doesn’t do a great job of putting you on the edge of your seat."

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