MWEB GameZone Review | Fallout Shelter Android - I built it. They came.

MWEB GameZone Review: "If you’re looking for a game which you don’t want to play continuously, and occasionally just want to spend a few moments in before getting on with Real Life, then this little title is right up your alley.

Here is our Fallout Shelter review, including new features that have been added; Deathclaw attacks, Radhog events and the new Mr Handy available as an unlock or an in-game purchase."

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HoldenZA1789d ago

I have never played a game that is so demanding of my time.
I even spent money on this game, something I told myself I wouldn't do.

I'm glad I have deleted it. If I didn't, I would have found myself with little to no money and in a gaming rehab clinic.

SonZeRo1789d ago

lol its only demanding if you don't exit to main menu, that basically freezes attacks by raiders but your rooms still finish their things.

rdgneoz31789d ago

Yah, it's pretty much send people to training or outside and then exit to the main menu. You people train or collect stuff outside for you while the game is closed, while resources stop draining after a few and you get zero attacks.

Ocsta1789d ago

Sitting at work right now, turning to the game every freaking twenty minutes.

Choc_Salties1789d ago

Game is stupidly addictive, and apparently it will be receiving support for some time to come, due to its popularity :)

Sillicur1789d ago

Very nice, its gonna suck me in !

DoctorFry1789d ago

This game was fun for a couple weeks, but it got old fast. There's no incentive to progress. It's like taking care of a virtual ant farm - nothing new to do or see once your vault is stabilized.

I honestly don't know why this game's picking up so much attention again despite it being released on iOS a couple months ago. Yeah, it's got the Fallout name stapled on it, but it's pretty damn overrated.

lemoncake1789d ago

Very simple but very addictive, great game and time waster.