Is it Time for a New Splinter Cell?

"In 2013, Splinter Cell: Blacklist came out of nowhere to return the franchise to what made it so great. A combination of Xbox exclusivity and poor reviews meant before Blacklist, I hadn’t taken Sam Fisher out for a ride since he was on the PS2. The reasons for Splinter Cell’s fall from grace isn't especially difficult to nail down. In the days of Call of Duty’s dominance and development by focus groups, turning a stealth game into a shooter made sense because it was all about the mass appeal. If you alienate your core fan base in the process, it’s only a small group of basement dwellers that wouldn’t know mass appeal if it jumped down from a conveniently placed pipe and broke their necks. -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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GreetingsfromCanada1157d ago

Is this satire? Blacklist received outstanding reviews according to its 84% on metacritic and released on PC, PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U.

Yi-Long1157d ago (Edited 1157d ago )

I never understood the criticism either. GamesTM scored it a 5, and because of all the negativity around fora and some reviews, I basically wrote it off and skipped it...

... until a local shop had a deal I couldn't resist; the Special Edition including the Sam Fisher statue, for only 30 euro.

So I bought and played it, expecting a mediocre Splinter Cell game, and instead it's absolutely my favourite in the series. Good story, great gameplay, and also a complete package, which offers freedom in how you tackle your missions, which makes you return many times to try different ways and obviously you will want to go all stealth.

LonDonE1157d ago (Edited 1157d ago )

Agreed i absolutely loved black list! i bought in on my wiiu and it was an awesome port.
Had no screen tearing (which was awefull on 360/ps3) and had an acceptable frame rate (by ubisoft standards lol).
Its actually one of the better ports on wiiu!

I am eagerly waiting for a new iteration of the franchise.

I think its sad that allot of fans skipped an excellent game due to them not using ironside as the voice of sam.

It was a bummer for sure but looking past that the game was solid.

It had a great co op hoard mode, co op missions mode, a competitive spies vs mercs mode and a awesome campaign with missions which could be replayed in so many ways.

XBLSkull1157d ago

Blacklist was a redemption of the series, it was fantastic. It's what gives me hope that Recon and Rainbow can still be revived after horrible iterations.

jmc88881157d ago

Loved it too.

It gave you the option in how you wanted to tackle the levels. You could go more guns blazing, or pretty much all stealth.

Wii U version was amazing. Pretty decent use of the gamepad as well.

Enjoyed it until my seagate drive crashed my save near the end. With a huge backlong on all my consoles and PC, just haven't gone too far in the replay.

It's a great game though.

user99502791157d ago

SC is one of my favorite series, and the first one will always be one of my favorite games. Pretty sure I played that OXM demo disc until it was dust.

SC was one of the things I was expecting to see at E3, was disappointing by its absence. Although it looks like Wildlands is borrowing big time from SC stealth mechanics. At first glance I thought Wildlands was an open world Splinter Cell game.

starchild1157d ago

Next to Chaos Theory I found Blacklist to be the best of the franchise. I absolutely loved it. I can't wait for another Splinter Cell game.

Bigpappy1157d ago

Rise Of The Tomb Raider has taken a lot of its mechanics. They need to get back to stealth, and tone down the run and gun.

KionicWarlord2221157d ago

Tone down run and gun? Blacklist had heavy stealth mechanics in it.

You had lots of options and its up to you to escalate all encounters and situations if you choose too.

Bigpappy1157d ago (Edited 1157d ago )

Black list is the only SC I ever passed on. That is great if they went back to their roots. But the 2 prior entries left me bored. I might play it if it is added to the BC list. I used to be a big fan of the series. Especially the first, which did not allow you to be careless.

Shadonic1156d ago

Yea they really stepped it up in terms of bringing the stealth closer to its roots but its still seems like its kinda lacking. Yea guards can hear you now if your crouch walking incredibly fast, but couple that with the increased speed in takedowns and how close you have to actually be before they hear you compared to the earlier splinter cells then there's still some changes needed to really bring it up to its peak stealth gameplay.

I've never played it but have watched a bit. I could be wrong hope I am but all in all it just seems like they are getting to the right mix of action and stealth gameplay but just need a few tweaks. improving on AI awareness making the player have to be careful on how fast they move behind an enemy. Going guns blazing shouldn't always be punished like it was in previous games but at they same time it shouldn't be pushed exactly to the point that we have aimbot combo unlocks and there's not as much.

user99502791157d ago

Blacklist is an amazing stealth game, and even Conviction was a blast. Both games have incredible co-op. The base defense modes in Blacklist are insane. Pakistani Embassy on hard, good luck running and gunning lol.

KionicWarlord2221157d ago

He would be praying and taking L`s on the embassy on hard Lol

Metallox1157d ago

Aside from the wacky (lots of bugs which can turn into funny glitches) and deficient perfomance, Blacklist is an excellent game, one that rewards for many gameplay approaches.

Like, I don't even understand why Ubisoft doesn't make more games like this one. It is linear but more overwhelming, satisfactory and cohesive than your regular Assassin's Creed and Watch Dogs.

This is why I think Ubisoft should use the same model for a hypothetical new Splinter Cell, because also Blacklist is just so good. How unfortunate that the title didn't do well comercially.

Also, Xbox exclusivity? Like what? Early release? exclusive content? I even remember that the Wii U version launched on the same date as the others, lol. And for what it's worth it, the game did ok with critics.

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Valenka1157d ago

We do need a new Splinter Cell, but in my opinion, it needs to be a modern take on the classic games. Conviction and Blacklist were solid experiences, but didn't feel like Splinter Cell to me at all.

Shadonic1156d ago

I remember the leaked gameplay of what conviction was going to be with using the enviornment to our advantage and mechanics moving towards the idea of stealth action instead of the usual movie action.

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