Will PlayStation’s Bare Autumn Help Xbox Close The Gap?

PlayStation is winning. There is no doubt about it. In all likelihood the Sony console is 10 million units ahead of Microsoft’s Xbox One. Now, Xbox isn’t doing badly, not by any stretch of the imagination, but PlayStation 4 — for whatever reason — is just doing crazy numbers. It has already out sold both the original Xbox and Nintendo’s GameCube. But will any of this change come autumn? Will any of this change when Xbox unleash their hefty line up of exclusives while PlayStation unleash… well, nothing really. Autumn is looking pretty bare for Sony, while Microsoft has Rise of the Tomb Raider (timed exclusive), Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, Forza and Halo 5. PlayStation has maybe, possibly, No Man’s Sky but really even that probably won’t come out this year. The real question is will any of this have an effect? Or at least one that is substantial?

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sammarshall1022137d ago (Edited 2137d ago )

Halo 5 and Gears of War are monumental so we'll see

Forza 6 is shaping up really nice and Rise of the Tomb Raider helps the lineup for this year

Sales aren't that important though as long as both consoles are successful

Rimeskeem2137d ago

Doesnt Gears of War 4 come out in spring?

Rimgal2137d ago (Edited 2137d ago )

Gears of War 4 has a holiday 2016 release date.

I think he's talking about the remaster.

sammarshall1022137d ago

I'm talking about Gears of War Ultimate edition

XBLSkull2136d ago

I'm less worried about a gap closing and more worried how I'm going to have to spread my time across a dozen fantastic games this fall.

donthate2136d ago

I think MS needs another year, before all of this really feels home with consumers. MS after a year of lots of positive announcements are finally getting some positive PR.

This PR will take some time to sink in, and then all these games coming out will make people "feel" it when the competition isn't delivering.

I also think more showing of Crackdown 3 will get MS their reputation back as a console that can surpass PC, while bringing major value with BC.

BeefCurtains2136d ago

Hey, I'm rooting for the X1 and all that. But let's get one thing straight. The gap is AT LEAST 13 million consoles.

Microsoft isn't selling 13 million consoles this holiday season...

sonarus2136d ago

@Beefcurtains. Why be such a bubble burster

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Irishguy952137d ago (Edited 2137d ago )

Halo and forza will sell consoles. Simple as. Ps4 will open up this gap again next year however. Selling more for a moth or too isn't gonna change whats happening.

I'm not saying it will sell an extreme amount bruce, but it certainly will help push the consoles Along with Halo you know?

A new Halo, a new racer, a new ACtion/adventure sequel to a very good game..and a gears remaster. The combination should really push the console a bit for this year. Then, word of mouth will push it even more into Xmas and next year

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remixx1162136d ago

Well that's a bit of a different spin for Sony, people literally buy PlayStation's for gran turismo alone in some places.

Sevir2136d ago

Microsoft's line up is great... It's got 5 big games for the holiday... And Sony has got 3 plus a remaster, what will however make this holiday crazy is the bundles... Destiny, Star wars, Assassin's Creed, Call of Duty all have partnerships and bundles tied to PS4. And it's almost assured that the PS4 will have a price cut this fall.

Sales of the PS4 hasn't slowed.

Hard8times2136d ago

No it will not people need to realize you still have huge 3rd party games on the way like Fallout 4 which releases the same day as TR which will hurt the appeal of TR and Star Wars BF with a Star Wars BF themed PS4 trust and believe PS4 will be just fine

dafegamer2136d ago

since when is forza a huge seller?

meche3342136d ago

The gap will not close but it will narrow. The xbox is a good place to play this gen

morganfell2136d ago

Does no one, including the writer understand the definition of closing the gap? Lets say I am traveling 100 miles an hour and you are traveling 25 miles an hour. You accelerate to 50 or 60. Even 70. Are you closing the gap?


Irishguy952136d ago

Morganfell, Xbox will sell more than PS4 with its FLAGSHIP titles coming out. For those months. By definitely it will close the gap....even if only a little. Of course Xbone won't catch up to Ps4s sales. But the gap will close a little for the moment. Until next year.

morganfell2136d ago

Irish. You do not understand closing the gap either. You also underestimate the power of Black Ops and Star Wars bundles and themes. We have already seen the Darth Vader PS4 and that is just the tip of the iceberg. Star Wars will be the biggest theme this Christmas and it belongs to Sony.

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grumpygamr2137d ago

Sorry, I didn't hear anything you said past the PS4 Darth Vader bundles.

user99502792136d ago

Who gives a friggen flip? Get both consoles or feel inferior for the next 6 years.

Magicite2136d ago (Edited 2136d ago )

Playstations bare autumn:
Until Dawn
No Man’s Sky
Tearaway Unfolded
Let it Die
The Tomorrow Children
The Witness
Uncharted Collection
and loads of Japanese games like Persona 5 and others.

objdadon2136d ago

Not to mention the third party games that continue to sell the most on ps4

2136d ago
SatanicEyeJesus2136d ago

@objdadon to sell most and look better.

nowitzki20042136d ago

When I see that list and have to think of it as bare, this is the kind of bare I see...

joeorc2136d ago

I know is it ironic what many dismissed as non AAA games could in effect be a AAA game!


If the game is played by multiple millions a day is that game a AAA now or no?

Perfect example: Minecraft a AAA game now or no?
Remember Microsoft paid over more than a billion for it, is it still not a AAA now?

Not saying any of those games above are or will be the next Minecraft, what I do know is there is an install base of over 25 million PS4 players or groups of players in family's that have access to a PS4 and there is quite a number of games being released for this 3rd and 4th Quarter and that are
Exclusive to the PS4!

Its not about how much the game costs to make or not make, really its about bringing a gaming experience your user base can enjoy. With software sale attach rate for the PS4 right now being rather high, I would say its indeed a rather strong statement that software big or small type games are selling rather well.

andibandit2136d ago

that list is killing the shooter-lover in me.

brianunfried2136d ago

You forgot "Earth Defense Force 4.1: The Shadow of New Despair"

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Ocsta2136d ago

Yeah MS has a good end of year lineup. Just not a "12 million consoles in 3 months" lineup. That would happen in Neverland. Y'know, cos of all the fairy dust.

bradleejones2136d ago

People are forgetting that ps4 has been outselling Xbox one, 3ds, wiiu combined as of late. They would have to really start moving some units, and I don't think ps4 is slowing down anytime soon either.

vongruetz2136d ago

Exactly. Titanfall was great, as was Sunset Overdrive, but those didn't help push XB1 over the top. People buy the system where their friends are, and right now that is on the PS4. It doesn't matter how many great exclusives the XB1 has if everyone you want to play with is playing Battlefront on the PS4.

avengers19782136d ago

Star Wars Battlefront: Darth Vader limited edition PS4
MGS 5: limited edition PS4
Destiny: limited edition PS4
I doubt Sony will have any problem moving PS4s from now until the end of the year. I don't see any signs of the sales gap closing at all.
Both consoles will sell well.

SmielmaN2136d ago

The thing about those three bundles you just mentioned is that those will not only bring in new PS4 gamers, but repeat buyers as well. I personally plan to buy the Darth Vader PS4 bundle, especially if the MGSV doesn't hit NA. You this shopping season consumer will have new and current Ps4 gamers searching for deals on these new limited edition consoles. Sony has set up a huge game plan for these holidays. Now if they cut the price on non-limited edition bundles and start tossing a game or two in with all bundles then they will have no problem selling consoles. We are almost assured MS will drop the price of the x1 again and toss in 3-5 games like last season. So basically, lots of happy gift givers and regular gaming consumers. I expect record breaking gaming related revenues for 2015

meche3342136d ago

Theres no MGS5 ps4 its alreasy been confirmed but there is star wars and destiny

Kingthrash3602136d ago (Edited 2136d ago )

MS has had a bare year so far and it's sales haven't slowed much. Also the fact that 3rd party games are the bigger games this year and will be on the ps4 on top of the games released already this year..Bloodborn, the order, until dawn (soon) people have many reasons to buy a ps4..As much as an xb1. If we are talking new buyers...i assume we are. Last year it was the same thing won October and November and the gap hasn't actually widened since then. So realistically speaking...cod and fallout will sell the most games this holiday. ..followed by halo and uncharted. Fallout is highly anticipated and cod will do cod numbers no matter how much we hate it. Halo might fit in there or at least be a top 3 game...but this line up isn't enough to topple or close a gap that is as huge as a 2/1 margin. And with cod being based on the ps4 this time around people will aim at the ps4 for cod..

SmielmaN2136d ago

I actually preordered this cod game and it's the first one I'll have bought out of the last 3. But I must admit, I couldn't resist getting that mini fridge lol

Ceaser98573612136d ago

"Sales aren't that important though as long as both consoles are successful"
LMAO!! During xbox 360 xbox fans were like we have more sales.... Also the ex boss of xbox during an interview said that the console who cross 10mil 1st will always be ahead. Selling more consoles helps a lot. Thats why most games does better on Ps4 in sales margin compared to the xbox1. No doubt the XBOX1 is doing well and i will get on soon but SALES ARE VERY IMPORTANT.

showtimefolks2136d ago

I know on this site logic barely wins but tell me again how a 13 million console Gap is get close again? let's look at the past history, xbox360 had a 6 to 7 million lead when ps3 launched. yet it took ps3 over 6 years to catch and surpass xbox360. another thing ps3 outsold the xbox360 from day one world wide to catch that lead

now lets look at how ms sold it's xbox360 so well. it partnered with some of the biggest 3rd party publishers. so when it came time for holiday season almost every big game was advertised by ms and ended with xbox 360 logo. to us core gamers that may not matter but to causals who will mostly buy what they see on tv, it matters a lot.

now let's overlook the fact ps4 has almost 3 times the exclusives compared to Xbox one. now I get it that indies don't matter now but they did matter what every Xbox fanbiys was touting indies last gen. so now they don't matter because Sony has been all over them

let's look at Xbox one big exclusives:

gears ultimate is launching in august. august is a month that Xbox one may even win because some potential ps4 owners may wait for mgs 5 bundle. but right now it's a toss up. I am really not sure who has the upper hand. Xbox one has gears ultimate, ps4 has everyone gone to rapture and until dawn. I just checked a august is gonna be a busy month games wise. a lot oF games or dlc is coming in august

September: ps4 will win this month with mgs 5 bundle, taken king bundle, tearaway unfolded and journey collection. so first month of holiday 2015 goes to ps4. Xbox one has forza 6. Forza historically hasn't been a system Sellar. it doesn't even sell as well as other racing franchises even though the quality is there.

October: should go to Xbox one with launch of halo 5. ps4 has uncharted collection and exclusive marketing for assassin creed syndicate with most likely a bundle too.

did you know halo 3 was the peak for the franchise. no halo game since has sold as much. halo is no doubt a huge game but is it as big of a system seller as people make it out to be? I don't think so. and you can see actual FACTUAL DATA that proves that many who love halo buy the Xbox console as soon as one launches. no doubt it will move more consoles but if people expect it to live millions of consoles than they will be disoppointed

now let's look at uncharted collection. it will sell well because many who switched from Xbox to ps4 will get an opportunity to play the collection many fans of the series will also pick it up. software it should do quit well.

assassin creed syndicate bundle will most likely happen. did you know that last fall that assassin creed bundle really helped Xbox one. so this fall could it do the same for ps4?

but still I give month of October to Xbox one because of halo 5

November is a no doubt about it ps4 month with star wars bundles and very likely call of duty black ops 3 bundle. possibly 2 of the biggest games of fall 2015. Ms has tomb raider But does any expect it to sell into 10 plus million range? it will do well I think realistically I expect it to move 2 to 3 million copies. plus it's launching agisnst fallout 4 which will simply not help it.

so in fall when casusls see advertisement for mgs5, assassin creed syndicate, call of duty black ops 3 and star wars. each will end with a Ps4 logo and most likely some mention of the word play it first when it comes to call of duty maps and or exclusive content

so now we are in month of December. ps4 has the exclusive marketing for Hitman and I think Xbox one has the exclusive marketing for just cause 3

showtimefolks2136d ago

4000 limit on n4g per comment. sorry I had to make this a 2 parter

I am really not sure who win win December. could games like call of duty and star wars help Sony also get December? it's not like those will slow down sales wise after just one month

I haven't listed any indie titles for months of September to December.

so how again will Xbox one catch up to ps4? when potentially ps4 could move more consoles in THE USA and world wide than Xbox one? all last gen Xbox 360 depended on 3rd party marketing deals. now those same companies are alligned with ps4

at last reporting ps4 was at 25.3 million. ps4 just won July 2015. my guess is with world wide sales, ps4 is between 26 and 27 million

Sony has reportedthat it expects to sell 36.3 million ps4's by end of march 2016. so how will ps4 get to that giangantic number without selling?

I don't like the double standars of gaming community and especially fanboys. when xbox360 was doing well and sell bunch of consoles by getting 3rd party marketing deals it was looked at as smart business.

so now that the same big games are exclusivelybeing marketed for ps4, now all of the sudden these deals don't matter and only exclusives count

meche3342136d ago

There is no MGS5 bundle

showtimefolks2136d ago


sadly you are right I am not sure if it's the 2 star war bundles or the taken king bundle that took away from us the very awesome looking red mgs 5 bundle

I think it's coming in japan and Europe only us in the usa don't get it. I am fully planning on getting one. too good to pass up IMO

kaizokuspy2136d ago

I wouldn't think it would close the gap at all. That's great xbox one has exclusives in the fall, but ps4 has gotten exclusives throughout the year, which I'm glad bc holiday season to me isn't the time for exclusives. It's multiplats. Fallout 4, cod, battlefront.

Though there are still great exclusives this summer and fall:
Tales of Zestria, Until Dawn, One Piece Pirate Warriors 3, magic the gathering duels origins should hit ps4 soon as well, plus there's still curveball worth of games as we can now vote which one we want free.

In all honesty, partisan console talking aside. The xbox one has never been so appealing, but with the games I've listed, those are where my interests lay atm, so I'll pass on Xbox one this time, but I'm thinking I'll own one within the next 12 months or so.

3-4-52136d ago

XB1 sales will increase a noticeable amount but that isn't going to be at the expense of PS4.

PS4's will still sell at the same rate, if not a little more near the holidays.


If normally 10 PS4's & 6 XB1's are being sold, then what will happen is this:

15 PS4's will be sold & 12 XB1's will be sold.

XB1 will get an increase, but it won't ever be enough to close the gap completely at least not in the next 1-2 years.

That isn't a bad thing though, as XB1 doesn't need to pass PS4 to be successful.

There isn't JUST ONLY one successful console or company.

EX: You know how many company's make sauces ?

Only one can be the best, but it doesn't mean the other sauce makes aren't good...they can be successful too.

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FallenAngel19842137d ago (Edited 2137d ago )

If people actually looked at the exclusive lineup for PS4 this fall, they'd see its anything but bare. There are still more games arriving on PS4 than on X1 this holiday season.

The gap has never decreased and I don't see it starting now. PS4 has remained the same price for nearly two years and it still keeps the top spot in every region over X1. Imagin what'll happen if a price cut were to occur.

Majin-vegeta2137d ago (Edited 2137d ago )

Shhh dont you know only AAA titles count /S

No it wont.

Gazondaily2137d ago

Yeah but honestly, I don't think any of those are hard hitting titles except UC Remaster and No Mans Sky will be a big one if it releases this year.

I dont see Persona, a baseball game and whatever else there is even coming remotely close to those AAA titles in terms of general appeal.

InTheLab2137d ago

Not saying the ps4 has no games, but the quality of said games are not on par with what xbox has.

We are talking about niche titles versus mega franchises. That is the point a lot of you are ignoring..

Halo gets people excited to buy a console. Persona does not...

JamesBroski2137d ago


Because they're not shooters they're not quality games? Come on...

the_dark_one2137d ago


niche games for you, i would personally take tales of zestria and persona 5 over anything on xbox one, thats the mistake many xbox fans make they think that everyone is just interested in the same games that release every year. i mean if you guys see every holyday season is the same games over and over forza, halo, gears, rinse and repeat. just cause games on ps4 have a smaller audience doesnt mean is not going to sell. beside that MGS5 and SW battlefront bundles are going to sell like hotcakes

remixx1162136d ago

I don't know bro, persona has gotten pretty huge, I mean persona 4 spawned 2 fighting games, a vita port, a vita dancing game and an anime series........its definitely up there when it comes to appeal.

......maybe not halo level but its definitely one of the most popular "niche" titles.

travestyj2136d ago (Edited 2136d ago )

Even if you count AAA titles the PS4 still has a lot more exclusives with Until Dawn, Tearaway Unfolded, Persona 5, Disgaea 5, Dragon Quest Heroes, Uncharted Collection and Tales of Zestiria and with that loads of great looking indies/low budget titles. All this and the PS4 has actually had some AAA exclusives this year while the Xbox One has not.

Now before you Xbox trolls try to suggest "these "aren't AAA" titles, they are all full retail games made by big publishers and appear to have high production value.

And for those of you that will discredit these games because they are "niche" or won't sell as well as Halo and Call of Duty need to realize that just because the games don't cater to casuals doesn't mean they won't be great games.

Now I do believe the Xbox One will outsell the PS4 this holiday because of Halo, saying the lineup is "bare" is ridiculous. It is only considered "bare" to the ignorant or to non-core gamers.

Kratos0Ultra2136d ago (Edited 2136d ago )

@ septic:

Well, Persona is a million dollar franchise seller. Just look at vgchartz which only tracks retail (imagen digital sales).

I disagree with you. I think that Until Dawn (Cabin in the woods is not popular?) and even Earth Defense Force 4.1 which is a third person shooting were you fight against giant insects would appeal to the general public if advertised well. Otherwise the general public will miss two titles that they would have been interested in if they actually knew of their existence.

_-EDMIX-_2136d ago

@Sep-"I dont see Persona, a baseball game and whatever else there is even coming remotely close to those AAA titles in terms of general appeal"

Yet...your saying this about the system that has shown time and time again that it can outsell its competition without um "AAA titles" ??

Thats nice you don't see it....who said that it must be "AAA" to move units? No Man Sky might move units, hell Star Wars might move units (might...WILL lol).

The reality is, I've stated this over and over, exclusives are not the only things that move units, AAA's are not the only things that move units.

PS has had exclusives and many titles coming to it for the full year now, not just part of the year...the whole year.

Does its sales not show that a yearly release vs a fall AAA feast, is indeed the way to go?

Consider God Of War III, Heavy Rain, The Last Of Us.....came out in spring, summer etc.

Yet...last gen PS3 sold more then 360. They didn't fight the whole fall line up, yet they won, they are not fighting it this gen....yet they are winning again...soooo doesn't that mean this whole fall AAA fest concept in practice doesn't really work and doesn't really factor in to sales?

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FallenAngel19842137d ago

PS4 still has more retail games coming out this holiday than X1. There isn't anything barren about it.

KevWriter2137d ago

Apparently, Until Dawn, Tearaway, Tales of Zestiria, Dragon Quest Heroes, Disgaea 5, Persona 5, and the Uncharted collection don't count as part of the PS4 lineup through the rest of 2015.

jmc88882137d ago

Don't forget all the multiplatform medium/big sellers as well

Madden, Fifa/PES, NHL, Mad Max, Nobunaga's Ambition: Sphere of Influence, Destiny: The Taken King, NBA 2k16, Rock Band/Guitar Hero, Transformers: Devastation, Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection, Dishonored: Definitive Edition, Just Dance 2016, AC: Syndicate, WWE 2k16, Need For Speed, The Crew: Wild Run, Just Cause 3, Hitman, about 5-10 more that could sneak onto this list of medium to high sellers.

Oh and I haven't talked about these big boys either... FPS/TPS or single player RPG with shooter elements.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Rainbow Six: Siege, Star Wars: Battlefront, CoD:BLOPS 3, Fallout 4.

[s/]Yes the PS4 is hurting this fall with such a small list of obscure games. [/s]

travestyj2136d ago

And not to mention these great looking digital titles that should not be discredited for not having a big publisher or multi-million dollar budget:

SOMA, The Tomorrow Children, The Talos Principle, The Witness, Alienation, Rime, ABZU, Kill Strain possibly Killing Floor 2, The Forest, Shadow of the Beast, Wild, No Man's Sky etc.

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Letthewookiewin2137d ago

That Darth Vader PS4 is going to murder the X1's potential for any major gap change also.

SmielmaN2136d ago

I agree. That bundle has the potential to be the IT item for under the Christmas tree this season. I wouldn't be surprised if the limited the releases (like the Wii did) to keep interest up and get free hype from the public by everyone trying to find one. Will be interesting to see.

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grumpygamr2137d ago

I think Sony is ok having best version of Battlefront and COD and every third party game. I think they will be fine.

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FlexLuger2137d ago

They will take the US back. the UK may follow some time after. But I dont think they will beat them worldwide this gen. Two years in and this question still gets asked? well if nothing else this console cycle has given bloggers plenty of sensationalist BS to write about.And N4G readers just laps it up. Its a chance to reassure yourself that your sales winning console is better than the other platforms. because lots of people you dont know bought it just to..... play COD, franchised titles and movie tie ins...oh.and sports.

Insomnia_842137d ago (Edited 2137d ago )

And I am Superman!

No, that won't happen.

FlexLuger2137d ago

LOL, it might not happen. But There is some solid reasons for why it could. Unforutnately debate and N4G dont really go together so I wont waste my time. Just gonna say my piece and keep it moving.

Gazondaily2137d ago

They could really plug the gap though but don't assume Sony are going to be sitting on their hands. They'll be unleashing some mad bundurus to counter the Xbox falafel.

remixx1162136d ago

Sep dude there you go saying bundurus again 😅😂

MasterCornholio2137d ago (Edited 2137d ago )

I don't believe they will take back the US this holiday season unless Microsoft drops the price even further.

Anyways like you said its impossible to have a debate in N4G.

Each will have their own opinion and that's that.

FlexLuger2137d ago (Edited 2137d ago )

"I don't believe they will take back the US this holiday season unless Microsoft drops the price even further."

I disagree... But yeah. No point in saying anything more than that. A reasonable answer will only get interpreted as stealth trolling. So the only reasonable answer to would probably be one that agrees with yours.

"Anyways like you said its impossible to have a debate with you. "

How bout you get off my dick? You can disagree without childishly twisting my words...did you know that? try it, sometime.

GNCFLYER2137d ago

They might. It will be interesting.

Like I said in the past. Xb has to have the USA, because it's not even a contest in the rest of the world.

I think the bundles offered from them will make anyone tempted. Plus they do have a strong lineup.

Sony has some strong bundles but they won't go all out on price.

When I think about it, 8 have no idea how this holiday will go lol..

MasterCornholio2137d ago


This holiday season will be quite interesting to see.

Here's my opinion.

I don't believe that Microsoft will be able to outsell Sony by 800k this holiday season. Thats basically what the size of the gap is at this moment.

But I do believe they will have some months where they will win the NPD chart. But their performance over the holidays will not be enough to offset Sonys performance in the rest of the year.

Basically what I'm saying is that it will be similar to the situation that Microsoft had last year but without a new "special price" if you know what I mean.

remixx1162136d ago (Edited 2136d ago )

Wow flex dude you are childish as fuqq, grow up dude, voice your opinion and be on your way, the only person dick riding you is you yourself.