CRYENGINE - Photogrammetry Fan Tech Tree Demo Released

Photogrammetry is a technique that we hope we see in more and more games. Thanks to it, video-games can look spectacular. Some games using it are The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, Get Even and Star Wars: Battlefront. A couple of days ago, CRYENGINE member ‘Synce‘ decided to experiment with this technique and released a small demo.

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chrish19901627d ago

Again, my pentium III will need an upgrade. Seriously though, impressive tech. One question though: when the heck are we gonna see CryEngine be used again by, you know, CryTek?

SquidBuck1627d ago

They're currently developing a VR game called Robinson: The Journey.

chrish19901627d ago

Really? First i heard of it... Thanks!

SoCalledMe1627d ago

Wow this is like supercharged Vanishing of Ethan Carter

ibrake4naps1627d ago

Reminds me of the tech- unlimited detail

SunnyZ1627d ago

Yeah! Euclideon

Pity though, they have completely stepped away from games and are just doing geo-surveying now :(

Lamboomington1627d ago

no, they said they'll be doing games this year. Who knows, we'll just have to wait and see.

I'm 100% sure we'll see something this year or next. I'm just worried it won't be what we want to see. The reason I'm saying that is their last video seemed to indicate pushing for SolidScan in games. So their project might be more about scanned environments and such, which might mean less dynamic elements.