DX12 adding a 20% performance increase on PC, even more on Xbox One

Dylan Brown, developer and creator of Caffeine from Incandescent Imaging, spoke on the game's inspiration, performance and development issues. One of those mentioned on development is how DX12 is providing a huge performance boost on Microsoft dev kits.

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Rookie_Monster1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

This part is interesting:
"I could actually probably enable them on the current build on XB1 but when I get a Direct X12 build I'll be looking into more ways to up the resolution and things like that"

Great news if indeed true as it seems DX12 can actually give boost to not just FPS like The_infected had just posted, but upping the resolution might also be a reality when DX12 hits and games start to take advantage of it on XB1. Music to XB1 gamers' ears.

Similiar to the cloud when many people were calling it just PR or impossible,wouldn't surprise me if we see XB1 games built from the grounds up with DX12 and performs better with real world benefits like this article is starting.

solidboss071625d ago

We still call the cloud PR, and impossible. I think I trust Mark Cerny on this, I mean he was the chief architect of a piece of hardware that released smaller, quieter, more powerful, and cheaper than the rival hardware. He thinks the cloud is bullshit other than for what it is already being used for.

IrishSt0ner1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

Can't tell if this is sarcasm. They've shown 13x Xbox computational power, Mark Cerny has been publically proven wrong.

Unless of course it's a conspiracy where Crackdown3 destruction doesn't actually exist, and all the press who played it are paid to lie.. that demo wouldn't run on any single high end Intel CPU.

Kingdomcome2471625d ago

Sorry, but I had just had to say that the PS4 is nowhere near quieter. Everything else is true. Carry on.

jb2271625d ago

Dreaming & theorizing is all well and good, but let's just see how it all pans out. People should just be happy with their systems as is and not be hanging their hats on every positive prediction about the future and bashing any negative prediction as impossible.

At this point the cloud is still a lot of hyperbole. Until Crackdown 3 releases and blows the doors off of what we think is possible in gaming, that remains the case.

PistolsAtDawn1626d ago

Nice, It'll be interesting to see how devs will use this extra bit of resources. I'm sure each game will have different options, but I'm hoping this means more games running at a solid 60FPS and using more features like this dev was talking about.

sammarshall1021626d ago

Xbox One just keeps getting better

I'm excited about the future games and capabilities

babadivad1626d ago

Why are you getting disagrees for this comment. Are there psychics on this site that can read your mind and tell that you're not reeaally excited??

freshslicepizza1626d ago

it's why i have mentioned before that those phantom disagrees should show who is doing it, and agrees of course.

the xbox one has indeed come a long ways.

maniacmayhem1626d ago

Will there be even more crow to serve?

LackaJaKane1626d ago

lol too much crow has already been severed with that crackdown demo

So if there's more crow to be served with the dx12 update, then i might have to start donating to the -save the crow- foundation

user99502791626d ago

Seems like a worthy cause. Though I'd be wary of any potential spikes in West Nial virus as a result of the campaign.

*takes joke out back and shoots it in the head*

poor_cus_of_games1626d ago

That crackdown demo looked rubbish. It was like someone smashing lego blocks. Now just cause 3 looked way more fun and detailed.

ilikepizza1626d ago

I still revisit crackdown one from time to time and the graphic style still works. Seeing how the new agent looks is a huge improvement. The cartoon look buy with skin textures looks cool. PlayStation fans will always find something to complain about. Now crackdown graphics are rubbish despite being nearly a year off and the build showed was legit just a destruction demo in pre-alpha but there big exclusive this holiday is a tearaway.....a game possible on vita.....I see where all the anger comes from.

christocolus1626d ago


"That crackdown demo looked rubbish"

"Rubbish" is the word i'd use to describe 99% of the comments you post in every xbox related thread too.

andibandit1625d ago


Down to 2 bubbles already, my oh my

solidboss071625d ago

Ha ha, Crackdown. You all cling to that like 'Crackheads'. I do hope it delivers.

jb2271625d ago

It would be fairly ironic if that crow flew right back into the mouths of the Crackdown touters...people shouldn't make it a foregone conclusion, not like it would be the first time that devs and publishers couldn't hit lofty goals, hell it happens more often than not these days really. The XBO had a hard enough time getting last gen's mp to run on current gen systems w/ the MCC, its pretty plausible to assume that these advanced cloud ideas could stumble out of the gate to some degree.

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christocolus1626d ago

Lmao. I hope this is true through. I remember a Turn 10 dev saying they can't wait to start using DX12. Maybe playground will use it in FH3.

Spid3r61626d ago

Give turn 10 worst kits makes solid 1080P 60FPS at launch with Forza 5... Drive club could not hit that because Driveclub had day night cycles and blah blah real physics and no driveatars. Give them a better kit they now have day night cycles and real physics to weather as well and still manages to get 1080P at 60FPS I can guaranteed solid performance even without DX12. Imagen when they receive DX12 dev kits?1?1

AngelicIceDiamond1626d ago

@Chris That would be excellent.