The Order 1886 Dev Reveals Secret Behind The Missing Reflections of Galahad, Calls It “Lycan Child”

Galahad is the main character of The Order 1886 and throughout the game, players can notice that he lacked any proper reflection on surfaces with a highly reflective material e.g Mirror. This led to a fan theory speculating that Galahad was a Vampire, even though the developers never intended this to be the case here.

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SaveFerris1624d ago

It is a pity that they were not able to have proper reflections. But the game still looks great despite the mirror thing.

christian hour1623d ago

When my flatmate first started playing this (he doesn't play much videogames) straight away he noticed that mirror near the start and that he didn't have a reflection. He said, "Let me guess, the order are vampires, bet my money on it".

I had to explain to him that it probably wasn't the case at all, that the reflection was using a bitmap reflection because they probably couldn't pull off realtime reflections due to everything else the game was doing on the graphics front.

Was nice to get some proper clarification on it, I was half right I suppose. Turns out they could have done real time reflections on large reflective surfaces like mirrors, but the ambient occlusion they were using caused some wierd artifcating.

Here's hoping they can figure out a trick or two to fix the artifacting for the order 2. I love real time reflective surfaces. I think I spent most of my time in knack re-assemblin and dis-asembling as glass knack just to watch all the little bits bounce around and reflect off every shiny surface, be it marble floor or metal trimming etc.

VenomUK1623d ago

Here's the link to my tongue-in-cheek video questioning whether Sir Galahad is a vampire!

Jalva1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

I'm going to make a game where the protagonist has no animations due to plot related backstory and call the feature 'solid blood'!

fr0sty1623d ago

I'll never forget how amazed I was to shine a flashlight in the mirror in p.t. and see that it actually reflected the light itself, not just my image.

Sir_Simba1624d ago

I really hope they explore the universe this game has opened. It is just too cool to let die.

fattyuk1624d ago

Its great reading sensible comments about the order!

Look forward to a sequel

CuddlyREDRUM1624d ago ShowReplies(3)
assdan1624d ago

Great idea, poor execution. No reason this game couldn't become a great franchise.

VenomUK1623d ago

@Sir_Simba. I definitely hope there will be a sequel. The world is just to rich with possibilities to forget.

JWiLL5521623d ago

The final scene in the game looked so amazing. Really wanted to continue from that point.

Can't really say a game is "bad" if I wanted it to keep going. It did a lot of things right, I just wish there was more.

fattyuk1623d ago

Reading your post kind of pointed something out to me,

if a game is rubbish or someone doesnt like, they usually dont finish it!?

so why do all these people who hated the game complain about the length?

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Kalebninja1624d ago

Would've been more interesting if that actually was the case. Don't know why they didn't just go with it.

Kurisu1624d ago

I didn't even notice the lack of reflections to be honest xD

medman1624d ago

I was too busy looking at Lady Igraine to notice poor Galahad had no reflection!!

OB1Biker1624d ago

I was more wondering about Lafayettes reflection when the girl was fumbling for his purse ;P

Null1624d ago

ingrane? Ha! I was looking at Lakshmi.

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The story is too old to be commented.