Is PlayStation Now The Answer To Backward Compatibility?

With Xbox One owners soon to be able to play their beloved 360 games, will PlayStation follow suit?

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Rookie_Monster1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

It has already been mentioned PS Now is not BC.

These two are not comparable unless the definition has changed.

But in terms of playing them on their respective consoles, native BC always win.

Console A.
-Play the games you already owned.
-Play all DLC you had already bought
-Get two games for free from last gen on subscription online service that can be played on current gen hardware.
-Use system specific hardware features like Streaming and screenshots.
-Can play offline

Consile B.
-Pay a monthly fee to stream a catelog of games.
-network and online connection dependant during play

Which one you rather have?

Jakface1621d ago

I agree with you dude, I really do. The problem is, Microsoft have pulled a major rabbit out of the hat with their backwards compatibility and it's going to take a lot of work for Sony to emulate that.

My argument is that PlayStation Now should be offered to players for free as a stop-gap. A means of having access to at least some PS3 games while the whole idea of BC is figured out.

joab7771622d ago

Personally, I don disagree, bit I prefer Sony invest in Now. BC is a nice farther that isn't used as much as its heralded. For me, b/c these systems do more than play games, I keep them, pit them in another room for my nieces and nephews, and myself whenever the need arises. They also play music, movies etc.

For those who keep all their games and sell their system, it's fine. But Now has implications beyond BC. It is an app that can be used on many different devices. As streaming gets better, the catalogue will grow. Also, it gives Sony the opportunity to bundle w/ Vue and Plus...if they are smart.

I envision the day when I can pay $25/month, have all 3 on my smart TV, my tablet and my phone.

BC is great for right now, but honestly I've played basically nothing but next gen since it launched.

freshslicepizza1621d ago

playstation now could be a far better service than it is but sony keeps holding it back. poor pricing models and a weak selection. then you have ps1, ps2 and ps4 games missing.

sony should also get it out there on web browsers and anything it can like netflix.

Rookie_Monster1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

But if they do that and have PS4 games on there, then what reason is there to own the PS4 console itself when I can play it on my Samsung Smart TV?

The MS BC shocker really caught Sony off guard as they had spent millions on PS NOW so they won't even make true native BC on PS4 even if they have the tools to do so. Too bad as I still have tons of PS3 games still on disc and PSN but traded in my PS3 to purchased my PS4 so those investments are pretty much useless now.

freshslicepizza1621d ago

they wouldn't have new games just like how they don't have new ps3 games on it. sony still sells ps3 consoles.

Rimeskeem1621d ago

PSNow =/= BC

PSNow is a streaming service designed to let people who may not be on the gaming boat to test it out for a cheap price and such

BC is where someone who already owns the game and is into gaming can continue playing their personal backlog

This is what i get out of it anyways

Jakface1621d ago

Also the way I see it. PS Now will never be able to compete, but it's something that PS Plus users should be getting for free.

The service has been going for a year now and surely Sony can't be making that much money from it?

Offering it as part of PS Plus would probably win more customers than offering it as a whole different concept altogether.

Rimeskeem1621d ago

Sony has to be making a decent profit. I mean, they did extend it right?

Bigpappy1621d ago

Looks like this topic isn't going away. Must be generating lots of hits.

Dreadnort1621d ago

PSNow is the only viable way to give Playstation owners access to a back catalog of PS3 games. Any other method would just be too time consuming to be effective. Even if they were somehow able to successfully emulate the Cell CPU efficiently, they would then still have the issue of translating the Nvidia display driver protocols of the PS3 to the ATI ones on the PS4. Sure it might work but they would almost certainly end up with bugs and glitches and so on just like many emulated Xbox titles had on X360.

PSNow allows them to bypass all that bother and hassle by simply streaming games from, I guess, a PS3 mainframe of sorts.

Jakface1621d ago

I suppose it comes down to how bothered Sony are by Microsoft's system.

PSNow is the easy way out, everything's its been set up and ready to go since 2014. A few good adverts/infomercials sprinkled here and there and some people will believe it's almost as good as BC.

On the other hand, I think Sony could figure out BC, it must've crossed their minds when developing the PS4!? It may be a slow and glitchy process, but I'm sure they'd get there in the end

Thunder_G0d_Bane1622d ago

Yeah, it's a terrible answer to it.