Remilia Becomes First Female Player to Qualify for League of Legends Championship Series

Maria “Remilia” Creveling has become the first female player to qualify for the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS). She played on the team Renegades using the Thresh, a notoriously difficult champion. This is an incredible accomplishment. The competitive and professional League community is a notorious boys-club.

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Valantis871616d ago

I don't understand why this is news?

insomnium21616d ago

This is bound to crush some feminist's heart. Buh buh teh glass sealing and patriarchy buh buh

ThunderPulse1616d ago

Why is this even on N4G? How is this news? Does anyone even care?

ShaunCameron1616d ago

Her identity>>>>>&g t;>>>>>>>& gt;>>>>>>> >>>>>>>> ;>>>>her effort and contribution.

TheVigilanteCode1616d ago

This is great news. I'm not into League of Legends but hopefully this gets proliferated in the entire competitive eSports community, across all genre of games. We need more women in competitive gaming!

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Eidolon1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

Yeah, why.... if they're not in there, then they're just not good.

ShaunCameron1616d ago

Or not interested. But don't expect an SJW to get a clue that women have interests other than trying to show men up.

ShaunCameron1616d ago

Who's "we?" And for what?

ShaunCameron1616d ago

<This is an incredible accomplishment. The competitive and professional League community is a notorious boys-club.>

AHHH YES! The obligatory slandering of the community that gave her the opportunity to prove her worth with some actual talent as opposed to her mere existence as an "underrepresented" minority group member.

NarooN1616d ago

The only reason this article exists is because she's a chick. Which shouldn't be earth-shattering at all. Any other chick could do the same if they had the talent and passion to do so.

LeoDDestroyer1616d ago

Yet it is news b/c it is something that rarely happens in league or e-sports in general. I mean you can't denied that there are many factors that keeps girls out of the pro scene with their fellow male gamers.

It seem like your mad about the article being made at all when there are always articles done on gamers whether you care for it or not.

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