The Swindle Review - Thievin' Ain't Easy... | COG

COG writes - This steampunk inspired, rogue-like styled stealth game has a great style and a lot of redeeming qualities. A few issues hold it back from being amazing but these issues could likely be fixed with a patch making The Swindle a stellar offering.

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generalwinter1624d ago

I love art style! Wish it was a bit more bright and colourful tho.

Paulhammer1624d ago

I swear games are all bloody rogue like these days haha

Digital_Anomaly1624d ago

Completely irrelevant to your comment but I have to:


GrapesOfRaf1624d ago

It's definitely a bit of a trend right now.

Cdn_Seahawks_Fan1624d ago

I am not one for stealth games....but hey, there is always a time to start, but this doesn't look like the game to try it.