Digital Journal Review - Kung Fury: Street Rage returns gamers to the 80's

If one's nostalgic yearning for the culture of 80’s or watching Nazi’s get the crap kicked out of them was not fulfilled by the hit film. then get ready to have fun with Kung Fury: Street Rage for the PlayStation 4.

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stanr1619d ago

Yup they made a Kung Fury game and now its for the PS4. Its actually real fun.

ABizzel11619d ago

I wouldn't give it a 5/5, but it's definitely a fun cheap game.

slappy5081618d ago

Wow this game looks fun, digging the music too in the gameay vid I just watched.. Definately need to get this !

PSIN4MANT1618d ago

It doesn't hurt that you have some Mitch Murder blaring in the background..

RosweeSon1618d ago

£2 wasn't a bad deal for this, Sold!