EA Doesn’t Care About EA Access On PS4, Happy With Xbox One

EA Chief Operating Officer Peter Moore not concerned with PlayStation

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TheGreatGamer1623d ago

Sony had their chance but they took the choice away from ps4 owners and now their customers have to live with it. #ForThePlayer

christocolus1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

There is no denying the value of EA Access and it's kind of weird how sony turned it down,it would have been best to allow their users decide for themselves.

Peter Moore's answers are just so

4Sh0w1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

Uhm from the interview I read yesterday he never said "I dont care", he basically said they were happy with Xbox One, and no comment about ps4, then finally when pressed he said ask sony.

vvvvvDragonknight I dont know why you are pulling fake statistics out of your butt and you dont speak for all ps4 owners....I think given the choice many would like optional services.

pivotplease1623d ago

Yeah I have no interest in the service, but I'm sure there are many out there who would love it. It's too bad because options are always nice. PS4 still has the superior free games service and although it's steeply priced there is PS Now which does hold alot of potential once it branches beyond PS3 games. So its not like the system is anything to mock when it comes to players getting a combination of value and innovation. I'd say #fortheplayers still holds true.

BiggerBoss1623d ago

While EA Access is a pretty good value for what it is, I would chop my hand off before subscribing to a service with EA. Even when I get an XB1 this November I'm not going to care about the service.

Some peoples disagree and love EA, but it's not for me.

DragonKnight1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

@4Sh0w: You're now going to point out where I say "I speak on behalf of all PS4 owners" while coming up with a way to eliminate when I said "approximately 1% of PS4 users even care about EA Access" because that latter pretty much invalidates the former.

blitz06231623d ago

It sounds more like he's bitter that Sony didn't allow them to include that service on the PS4. Those responses don't even make sense

Highlife1623d ago

This site is so damn confusing. I swear I just read an article with comments about how ea said they don't need single player. Everyone's reaction I won't buy an ea game or support them $60 games with no single player and tacked on dlc no value. Next article with comments Ea offers great value I support ea. Frankly I find ea confusing.

Ashlen1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

Well EA and Microsoft are definitely in bed with each other this gen, and it's not surprising given how many employees they have shared over the years (Don Mattrick).

I think it was a mistake on Sony's part to not allow options. And I think thier motivation was to push PSNow and had nothing to do with PSPlus.

My personal feeling is: I'd prefer if the industry stayed away from subscriptions, they almost always end up costing more in the long run and prices from subscriptions only go up as time goes on. Where as the costs of disks only goes down over time.

xfiles20991623d ago

Peter Moore is a prick he has always given me that vibe I have never liked him.

LordMaim1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

@christocolus:"There is no denying the value of EA Access"

Really? Cause I'm denying it.

For $30 you get 10% off digital EA games, which means you have to buy six EA games a year to get your money's worth. And it only applies to digital games so you can't even trade them in when you're done. They're discouraging physical sales over digital where they get a much greater margin.

You get early access, which is good. Its a week head start on games, which is a tangible benefit that EA Access provides. For alpha consumers, which EA loves, the thought of having something early drives sales. You can save your progress and pick up where you left off if you decide to purchase the full game. Basically this is another form of an exclusivity agreement, albeit an extremely short one, still a tangible benefit to subscribers. Otherwise the same as the Full Game Trials that Sony offers for free to anyone on PSN.

You also get access to the vault, which includes older EA titles. Great for subscribers, but it also bottoms out the used game market for EA's back catalog, screwing anyone who buys physical copies of the game who wanted to trade them in.

If you were planning to buy every game that EA makes, and you never buy used games, then EA Access is a really good deal. You're also EA's favorite kind of customer. For the rest of however, who buy used games, or are more selective in which games we purchase, not so much.

EA Access is basically a soft version of Microsoft's DRM strategy which EA was a partner in, and the only person it benefits is EA.

donthate1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )


But I am sure you don't deny the value of PS+ and probably subscribe to it based on your comments!

They are essentially almost the same point for point. PS+ provides

* discount for digital games
* older game titles for free while subscription is active
* occassional demo/beta (worse than EA Access imo)
* allows online play (okay, you got me there, but is that really value?)

Personally, I love the idea of Netflix for games and we are getting a huge selection with Xbox 360 games coming with BC and that the vault gets bigger and bigger. I probably would have bought DA:I when it dropped to the right price, but now, free with EA Access! :D


In terms of all the people downlplaying EA Access that were freedom fighters of DRM and options... you sound like a hypocrite and we know who you are!

LeCreuset1623d ago

"They are essentially almost the same point for point."

I'd rather pay my one PS+ subscription than see the model devolve into a bunch of competing services, each with their own subscription.

sonarus1623d ago

I dunno. I completely forgot this existed to be honest. Still don't care

0to1001623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

yeah he's almost as annoying as Andrew House the CEO of SCEI who treats 3rd parties as first...

'home of call of duty' when it's a multiplat..

ff7 remake 'first on ps4' when it's a multiplat..

buy yeah no denying ea access is a great offer and should have been on ps4 as a choice.

ShottyatLaw1623d ago

Think what you want of the guy, but I will tip my hat to him on those questions Christocolus pulled.

Sony's "good value comments" were in poor form, and just on the professional standpoint, Moore has the right to be a little aggravated. As a "partner" company is launching a new service, you don't go out of your way to put it down. Make a general PR statement about not having anything in the works at this time, and leave it alone.

ShinMaster1623d ago

I keep forgetting what EA Access even is.

Don't they purposely delay new game releases for everyone else just to give it to subscribers first?

morganfell1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

EA Access value? I agree with LordMaim on this one. There are better ways for a gamer to spend $30 if they are looking for value:

freshslicepizza1623d ago

hmm, so approximately 1% of ps4 owners care about ea access even though the latest npd results for july had the latest pga game #4 with the ps4 leading in sales for that game. ps4 owners don't care about games like dragon age too, right? i bet madden 16 will only represent 1% of ps4 sales for that month as well.

gotta love it when people speak out of emotion rather than logic. i wonder what the % of of ps4 owners who care about playstation now?

Keltech1623d ago

I can't argue with Sony giving us the option.

But I can argue about the value, and personally I don't see any value. Now if there wasn't a cap in the amount of time we can play the game within those 5 days... Then yes I would see the value

BeefCurtains1623d ago

I don't look at it as getting the game a week early. I look at it as everyone else gets the game late unless you pay a premium to play the game when it's actually available. Just another price gouge from EA.

Eonjay1623d ago

Oh, they care. They are a business and their product isn't on the most popular console. But, it really doesn't matter as long as they are getting what they need from the Xbox One platform.

Too bad so sad. I wouldn't mind it on PS4 if it was part of PS+. I just don't want to pay another subscription for games.

freshslicepizza1623d ago

"Now if there wasn't a cap in the amount of time we can play the game within those 5 days... Then yes I would see the value"

that makes a lot of sense. you want to be able to play new games for unlimited time during those 5 days for the price of ea access which is less than one new game? lol

"I don't look at it as getting the game a week early. I look at it as everyone else gets the game late unless you pay a premium to play the game when it's actually available. Just another price gouge from EA."

this is what i have said before of one area that could be viewed as impacting others. it's not a price gouge though, it is a marketing ploy used as an incentive.

aquamala1623d ago

for those that don't see the value, don't subscribe, other PS4 owners like me want to subscribe but can't.

fiveby91623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

I play one EA game at the moment. I feel no need to pay EA a subscription fee to pay a game. I could care less that EA access is not offered on PS4.

Docknoss1623d ago

As a gamer why wouldn't you want options. Everyone who is nay saying EA access without ever using it it just ignorant. A great variety of games for only $30 dollars yearly.You can't beat it really.

Genuine-User1623d ago

"EA Doesn’t Care About EA Access On PS4"

Pretty much how I feel about EA Access.

SonyAddict1622d ago

Captain xbox to the rescue again lol

WowSoChill1622d ago

Lots of insecurity and downplaying in these comments

EA Access is a great deal, and options never hurt, Sony publicly turned this deal down so if your mad or salty at anyone over this, it should be at Sony

Sony: EA Access Doesn't 'Represent Good Value To The PlayStation Gamer'

Keltech1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

"that makes a lot of sense. you want to be able to play new games for unlimited time during those 5 days for the price of ea access which is less than one new game? lol"

I don't understand the placement of the question mark. Maybe you was trying to put a period instead. But in case it was placed there on purpose... I'm going to let you in on a little secret; you would still have to pay $54 dollars for the game, and ur stuck with the digital copy. To answer ur "?", I will gladly pay $6 for the physical copy lol

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DragonKnight1623d ago

Lol, approximately 1% of PS4 owners even care about EA Access. It's EA, their games are worth nothing and we're not losing sleep over not having EA Access on PS4.

ArrowofAres1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

The following that mut and fut have alone makes your comment look ill informed

Paytaa1623d ago Show
sactownlawyer9161623d ago

Im with you even I have zero desire or need for ea access on ps4. Glad Sony blocked it.

DragonKnight1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

Dammit N4G, get your act together.

@Paytaa: Oh yeah, I'm so butthurt that I don't get to pay EA to give me discounts on their terrible games. Oh woe is me that I get to play games that are actually good and worth money. I'm so distraught and despondent over not getting to play Garden Warfare early, whatever will I do?

AstroCyborg1623d ago Show
DragonKnight1623d ago


Firstly, to the left of your keyboard is the Caps Lock button. Press it to turn it off.

Secondly, because no one likes exclusivity deals in any form. Battlefront isn't the first game to release first on a particular console, then later on another console. Just look at Rise of the Tomb Raider. The idea is that if the game is finished, and there is no logical reason for delaying the game's launch on all platforms simultaneously, then it's just a scummy move regardless of subscriptions or not.

ZeroX98761623d ago


EA published games usually has great sales numbers on PS platform. As a fellow PS4 gamer, I can say that I love the NHL series, even if I don't buy it annually.
I had my fair share of good gaming sessions with many EA games and more is about to come.

Sony chose not to support it to generate more sales for their own service (Mass effect and Mirror edge are on the rental list, both published by EA). I'm not missing on EA access mainly because If I really like one of their games, I'll gladly buy it.

Ashlen1623d ago

I heard 99% of all statistics are made up. I'm 99% sure thats not true though... /rolls eyes

Paytaa1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

To you they may be terrible but there are definitely Playstation fans who would use the service and again they wouldn't be forced to buy it. If you want it then by all means get the sub but if you don't want it don't get it. It's really that simple. Having EA Access just gives people another option. There's no harm in it.

donthate1623d ago


"Lol, approximately 1% of PS4 owners even care about EA Access. It's EA, their games are worth nothing and we're not losing sleep over not having EA Access on PS4."

So PS4 owners don't care, but people keep asking for it just like BC?

Somebody sounds very salty to me.

In the meanwhile, I will just enjoy BF4, Dragon Age, soon Xbxo 360 BC games and BattleFront early access.

If BattleFront is [email protected] game, I would know to avoid it, but for you it might just be too late!

I like options, but I guess you do not!

DragonKnight1623d ago

@ZeroX9876: McDonald's serves 1 billion customers worldwide. Are you saying that McDonald's has the highest quality, great food?

@Paytaa: I love how this is the go to argument when anyone says anything remotely negative about EA Access. "It's an option" Yeah, and? It doesn't mean that because it's an option it isn't a terrible option. What's your point?

@donthate: Lol, no one is asking for EA Access on Ps4, stop lying.

Professor_K1623d ago

Oh, they care,

they cared so much theyr missinformed fanboys barked at MS and EA for not having the service instead of $any. LMAO ridiculous

JasonKCK1623d ago

Seems to me like you want EA access on the PS4, you can't get it, so you pretend like you didn't want it anyway.

freshslicepizza1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

their games are worth nothing yet they are still one of the highest selling publishers out there. makes perfect sense.

sony should allow its users to decide for themselves.

"McDonald's serves 1 billion customers worldwide. Are you saying that McDonald's has the highest quality, great food?"

what a great response. what's next, telling sony to stop activision from releasing call of duty? mcdonalds serves a demand for fast food at a reasonable price. just like how consoles serve the needs of millions who don't wish to have a high end pc. are you suggesting they only focus on high end pc's for game software?

warczar1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )


"their games are worth nothing yet they are still one of the highest selling publishers out there. makes perfect sense."

It's not as if they sell a lot of games because they make the highest quality games and sell them at the lowest price; they are one of two companies who make AAA soccer games (most popular sport in world) and the only company who the nfl deems worthy of making there games (most popular sport in u.s.). These two factors combined with ripping people off every chance they get = successful corporation.

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Lucreto1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

If that is how it actually went down. For all we know EA and Microsoft have some sort of deal in place. This is from when EA and Microsoft were getting all the timed exclusives and Titanfall exclusivity.

We don't know what deal is in place. Sony PR always up plays it's own services. Look at the Tomb Raider Xbox exclusive response. They knew full well it's coming to PS4 but said that.

pivotplease1623d ago

Or Sony doesn't want it competing with PS Now by having two subscription services. That and this might help bolster the PS+ prospects from EA. Instead of EA just putting the freebies on access and getting the subscription fee in its entirety. Business stuff.

Aenea1623d ago


Why do people keep comparing apples and oranges? PS Now is so very unlike EA Access it's crazy.

blackout1623d ago

I wonder this. When Sony is trying to market the Battlefront game how does that work cause the game will be played first a whole 7 days before any Sony fan can play it. Doesn't sound like a smart deal on Sony's side. Sony is working off last gen format in witch Microsoft created and Microsoft has switched up as they seem to do every gen. Sony's Commander and Chief is just as dumb as there fans. The blind leading the blind over in that camp.

Keltech1623d ago

Of course they had a deal. Do you think it was a coincidence EA cancelled the "online pass" a few months before the xb1 was introduced. C'mon

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Yo Mama1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

Ummm, pretty sure it was Sony who decided against having it, not EA. But, I don't really care about it to begin with. I'm not paying another subscription fee for last year's sports games and a week early access to a few new games.

Riddler891623d ago

@yo mama And a discount on new games as well.. you forgot that one

SniperControl1623d ago


Discounts on games that are already way overpriced by ea, in most cases the 10% discount still does not match the price of same game bought on Amazon for example.

RiseofScorpio1623d ago

Uhh Dragon Age inquision, Battlefield 4, PvZ GF and Need for Speed isn't worth it?

Yo Mama1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

Double post. Sorry

Christopher1623d ago

I think he's just brutally honest. Regardless of my interest in the service, Sony should have left that option up to the players.

DragonKnight1623d ago

I tend to believe there must have been some sort of cost Sony would have had to absorb for them to flat out deny an optional service like this, either that or some kind of deal was struck with MS that Sony didn't appreciate. Short of that, the only other reason for Sony to deny it literally is PSNow but that shouldn't mean anything because they could have just avoided putting EA games on the service so there it seems like there is more to the story than we really know.

moegooner881623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

I honestly think he is just upset cause Sony turned the service down. 25 million users, he can deny it all he wants, but money is money.

someOnecalled1623d ago

I wonder what would happen if other pub came out with services like this. PS fanboys will still say sony is right in thinking for them.

PS fanboy: we don't buy that many of their games anyway.

Lol if most big publishers start doing this what games are you buying. Mass effect and star wars are coming out you don't want those either.

3-4-51623d ago

* It doesn't hurt Sony not having it, but it doesn't help either.

It's not a huge loss, but it is some loss.

Sony fans would love EA Access, or at least those who play a lot of EA games.

It's worth it alone just for PvZ:GW.

GameHero1623d ago

Here's the deal, Sony has PS Now and there is no room for another service like this...Can't believe this C.O.O. response. Pretty immature if you ask me.

XanderZane1623d ago

Sony chose PSNow over EA Access. They could have had both. Just silly that they turned this down when EA is handling all the servers and control.

_-EDMIX-_1623d ago

Not really, it conflicts with their own platform's service. Its no different then why years ago MS would not allow Epic to put out free maps or didn't have many free to play games or even MMOs off of XBL, which I still think is in effect.

Both services have things they allow, things they don't allow.

ie why MS won't allow subscription services like MMOs off of XB Live, which Sony allows as to why FFXIV isn't on XONE or 360.

At the end of the day, Sony still owns PSN, MS still owns XBL, they just can't allow anyone to do what ever that doesn't support certain things they are trying to convey, sell, function etc.

Mystogan1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

"Which I still think is in effect"

Noh there are quite a few F2p games on Xbox already and more coming.

Out now:
Killer Instinct
Magic Duels
Project Spark
World of Tanks
Happy Wars
Forza Horizon 2:Fast and Furious.
PowerStar Golf

Happy Dungeons, Gigantic and Fable Legends are the ones I know of that are coming.

Microsoft is fully embracing the F2P model.

Also Elder Scrolls Online was P2P when it was announced for Xbox One and PS4 then it changed to B2P. I don't know if it launched as P2P on consoles. But that tells me that they weren't opposed to having a paid MMO.

The only reason why FFIV isn't on Xbox One is because of the shared servers. But now that Phil Spencer is head. I believe it will show up sooner or later. With shared servers.

_-EDMIX-_1622d ago

@Mystogan-"MS won't allow subscription services like MMOs off of XB Live"

"Noh there are quite a few F2p games on Xbox already and more coming"

Um....."subscription services like MMO's off of live"


I mean...what sad is all you had to do is slowly read what I was saying. Never did I say anything about free to plays, what I stated was about Live and subscriptions with MMOs OFF of live ie you didn't need gold to play it.

"But that tells me that they weren't opposed to having a paid MMO"

No...they were merely opposed to having it not require gold as they still have it where it requires gold lol.

...the game still requires XBL Gold to play it, regardless of subscription going to free.

As for FFIV...I mean well it isn't on 360 or XONE its been ported to GBA, remade on DS, came out on Steam, but its not on PS4 yet so who knows.

I mean I jokingly assume you mean FFXIV lolz.

You don't need PS Plus to play FFXIV either. MS polices make it that you must pay for gold, even if its free to play, even if it already has a subscription ie you would be spending some weeks or even months paying for Live, while paying for an MMO....yet you could be clearly spending those months merely JUST playing that MMO.

That could be one of the reasons as Bethesda had that issue with MS and still does if you consider Elder Scrolls still needs a gold subscription to actually play it (well that its subscription free, but you still need to actually buy the game so I understand, but even if it was free to play, as in free entry, they would still require it.

My point is really that both Sony and MS have different polices regarding certain things on their network, didn't PS3 not have some cross play with Portal 2 that 360 didn't due to MS polices? Didn't PS3 also have some games that allowed mods from PC but 360 versions didn't have them based on MS's policy?

Regardless it just further proves my point that they are both different and both have reasons for blocking certain features.

S2Killinit1623d ago

Sony had their chance? what are you talking about? We have PSNow on PS4. Do you even have to make sense anymore? EA access has NOTHING on PSNOW. They are not in the same league. I think its EA who is not very happy that Sony has its own service and that EA's service is missing out. You don't see Sony commenting on EA much, and the other way around? yeah...

N1GHTW0LFX1623d ago

As a PS4 AND PS3/XBOX 360 owner, I don't care at all for EA Access. I've played most of the older games in their library and if there are any games I haven't played by now that I would want to play, I would either buy them used for MUCH less than $30 or I would rent them from PSNow which is a better value. As for gaining early access to new games/betas, I really don't care. EA games have lost a LOT of appeal over the last few years to many gamers and this smack talking isn't helping their reputation any because it's this kind of arrogance that turns people away. Instead of trying to capitalize on last gen and resell us games most of us have already played, how about focusing on new games and fixing your company to regain some of our trust. Then maybe we'll talk.

Mystogan1623d ago

Anyone who dismisses EA Access is a blind Sony fanboy.

with EA Access you pay $30 dollar a year for a ton of THIS GEN games, discounts and Early Access(remember the thing you Sony fanboys get salty about?) with more being added and will include 360 backwards compatible games.

With PSNow you pay 20$ a month. Although they have many more games which justifies the price. They are ALL last gen games. And you have to stream it over a 5MBps connection.

hasein1622d ago

EA access and EA origins needed to be remove.
Early access for games is good but when EA release the retail version it ends up still have tons of bugs.Its kinda gimmick.
Games on EA origins is overpriced.Just put it on Steam OK.

PS now streaming games is good but $20 per month is not a good deal.
Sony should cut the subscription fee to $6/mo and bundle it with PS+ for total of $90 a year then Psvita,Vita TV and tv with PS now needs reduced price as well to 50 dollars / year.

DarXyde1623d ago

"Had their chance"?

You're acting like Sony can't approach EA ever again. EA, like Activision, love money. Why would they deny them that opportunity indefinitely? They wouldn't. Sony can totally change their minds and EA would be all over it.

Companies can change their minds quickly if it means keeping customers. Ask Microsoft.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1623d ago

Sony and PS4 owners don't give two s**** about EA Access. What is anyone really getting from it? early access to the same annual franchise and annual franchises from last year? Really?