A Horror Fan’s Guide To Horror Games

Amber Colyer writes: "After my article on what constitutes true horror, the fact that I’m a bit of a horror nerd has been exposed. My shelves are lined with horror games, both obscure and mainstream, and my coworkers are pretty tired of my rants when they mention games they think are scary. My apologies to them and to you, my lovelies, but horror is just my jam. Games that many gamers find terrifying don’t get to me. For example, Amnesia, Outlast, and Five Night’s at Freddy's are certainly good games, and I’ve had fun with them, but they just don’t scare me. My consoles and PC live in a state of perpetual Halloween, so it was inevitable that the question came up: 'OK, you know-it-all wanker, what’s the scariest games that you’ve ever played?'"

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Harrylikesgames1621d ago

Al of these games look and sound terrifying. Straight to the never play list, thanks for the service!

Owenza1620d ago

I'd give System Shock 2 and The Suffering a go, but I don't know how well I'd come out of it.