Top 20 Most Influential Game Designers Part #2

Ashley from GamersFTW writes: This is the 2nd of a 4-part series in which I count down the top 20 most influential game designers.

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MrsNesbitt1628d ago

Excited to see número uno :)

Kappa Mikey1628d ago

Why? We all know it's most likely miyamoto.

Joystickero1628d ago

Great and insightful article!

Maple221628d ago

The countdown continues... will be good to see who is next on the list

Yukes1628d ago

Not sure I can forgive Schafer and Double Fine for their Kickstarter debacles. Such a shame.

OhMyGandhi1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

it's weird, you'd think that Tim Schafer and kickstarter would go hand in hand: Schafer needs a modest budget to develop a quirky original title that is short and sweet, Kickstarter seemed to be the perfect fit for him.

I never played Broken Age, but It just never enticed me to play it. I played Brutal Legend before it, and wasn't impressed. The biggest turnoff being the visuals and the clunky movement.

This, coming from someone who considers Psychonaughts and Grim Fandango to be among the best games I've ever played.

GamerGabs1627d ago

Also a big fan of Tim Schafer and Double Fine. Wish I could run Brutal Legend on my laptop, it's so poorly optimised, which is a shame because it looks like a lot of fun if it runs well.

phoenixwake1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

Despite Schafer's recent antics, public shaming and business problems, he still remains as a very influential designer. Not that I would back a single thing he's pushing until he proves himself a reliable and honest manager again, but that doesn't erase what he's done for the industry in the past.

Just like I wouldn't negate Peter Molyneux's great contributions to the industry because of his more recent over-promising and shenanigans.

OhMyGandhi1627d ago

people, like myself, admire his tenacious attitude towards originality.

Molyneux as well, he certainly knows how to be quite the hype man.

Shillmeister1628d ago

Hmm couple of fan favourites already passed on this list (and the previous part), wonder who's made the top bunch!

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