Crackdown 3: "technically, there is no limit"

Gamereactor caught up with series creator David Jones after seeing the game in action for ourselves during Gamescom, and we had plenty of questions regarding the cloud-powered system that makes city-wide destruction possible.

"It's fully dynamic," Jones said of the server-based multiplayer element. "I mean basically, technically, there is no limit. So it's a fully dynamic system, we will design... there is obviously is a cost issue, so for us as game designers there always is.

"For us it's about ‘how many do we need to provide the experience that we want?' And that's really what we're focussing on. The great thing is we know we have a system that can dynamically handle whatever we want to do creatively."

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BallsEye1628d ago

Daaamn! Can't wait to see what future will bring with help of cloud. I'm guessing at some point, most games will be "streamed" on even larger scale. This will eliminate the need for devs to study new hardware, and MS to release new machine. XO is basically gonna be a hub to a powerful server farm. That's where gaming is heading, and that's the only way to keep consoles on par or stronger than PC's (in a way, thanks to the cloud).

TLG19911628d ago

I agree game streaming will be common place someday, but new consoles will have to be released surely. local power for offline gaming will ALWAYS be wanted.

personally i say always online bring it on, like your other point devs wouldn't need to keep studying new hardware.

poppinslops1628d ago

I haven't used PSNow, but I've heard mixed reports with regards to lagginess... I assume that certain core aspects of any game would ideally remain hardware-bound - character/vehicle controls, player actions, story content etc.

Crackdown's destruction seems like a core gameplay element - one I'd have assumed was impossible to stream, given the detail - but it appears the devs have got a way to bypass certain hardware limitations in order to provide the 'impossible' dream of total destruction.

The mind boggles.

Eventually devs will start to layer multiple cloud functions into individual titles... a game whose AI, destruction and weather are all being handled off-site probably won't happen anytime soon, but the idea isn't as outlandish as it once was.

It's the WAY of the FUTURE, but that doesn't necessarily mean that hardware will be consigned to the past... at least not until that glorious day when everyone gets South-Korean internet (another 'impossible' dream).

darx1628d ago

Game streaming is not the future. They way Steam handles DRM is the future.

raggy-rocket1628d ago

The technology involved in this game is astounding. Giving me the online destruction in an open world I thought we wouldn't see for at least a decade! Seeing the gameplay made me so happy, shame people are desperately denying it or downplaying it as easy to do. I can't wait for this game!

Dark_king1628d ago

Its most certainly not easy to do as I have something similar myself I have been working on the last 5 years.Though I would love to see there code might take years off what im working on.Though until we see it in real world conditions we should all keep composed.

XeyedGamer1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

I thought 100% destruction was 'limited' to multiplayer.

Chaosdreams1628d ago

Sky is the limit. That's where the Clouds are.


SquidBuck1628d ago

Hashtags on n4g are pointless.

Chaosdreams1628d ago



beans1628d ago

I'm loving this more and more!If everything goes well CD3 will set the norm on X1.

FlexLuger1628d ago

For xbox exclusives at least. But im hoping Ms will assist devs that want to use it for XB1 games. I think BF on XB1 seems like a no brainer. And that game has nowhere near the level of destruction as crackdown...but it could if MS, EA and DICE have a chat.

I can see it being use in the next forza horizon as well for some strange reason.

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The story is too old to be commented.