'Mass Effect: Andromeda's' Story Has No Past Characters, Changed Combat And Graphics Teased

PSU writes:

BioWare drops more Mass Effect Andromeda tidbits on Twitter, suggesting no returning characters will feature.

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SaveFerris1625d ago

No cameo from Samara, Liara, or Wrex? Not even an appearance from the cryogenically preserved head of Conrad Verner? Aww.

Naga1625d ago

Cryogenically preserved talking heads have always been my go-to narrative device.

Eamon1625d ago

Asari have the longest lifespan and that's only around 1000 years. As far as I know, ME Andromeda takes place thousands of years later.

DOOMZ1625d ago

A fresh start is good!

Roccetarius1625d ago

A clean slate is a much better idea, instead of returning characters half-hearted.

Ashlen1625d ago

Or is it just a cheap cop-out?

The whole thing that was magical about Mass Effect the thing the set it apart from other RPG's was the continuing storyline. Of course it was also "a" thing that made it more expensive.

Eamon1625d ago

And the story finished with Mass Effect 3, that is supposed to have multiple endings.

Meaning a fresh start is the only way possible.

Perjoss1625d ago

I look forward to meeting and getting to know a new bunch of interesting characters.

gamesismylife091625d ago

The loss of Casey Hudson is gonna be gigantic, but hopefully they can overcome it.

Spectre_StatusN71625d ago

Nothing Andromeda can do that will surpass the original trilogy in terms of story and characters. I'm betting it will still be a great time shooting and throwing biotics around though

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1625d ago

How can you be so sure about this?. A bit premature to say such a thing no?.

Spectre_StatusN71625d ago

Premature yes but honestly it would be like catching lightning in a bottle twice. You honestly think Andromeda's protagonist will be as iconic as Commander Shepard and the Normandy crew?

sullynathan1625d ago

Andromeda can actually do a lot to surpass the current trilogy in every way. For one, it will definitely have better graphics.

The combat and overall gameplay can be improved to a point that render's the past 3 games combat systems obsolete.

Commander Shepard, even though he was cool, is still a blank slate character that you create.

For party members, this time Bioware can break free from making characters that are eerily similar to characters from their past game.

This time it won't be a save the world and destroy the big bad like previous Bioware games.

It can also be a real rpg again. They can finally reach their vision of having an explorable world in Mass Effect.

There are so many things Andromeda can improve from the original trilogy.

Spectre_StatusN71625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

I was strictly referring to story and characters. It's obvious that the graphics will be better, running on Frostbite 3. I wouldn't be surprised if it surpassed what we've seen from Battlefront. RPG elements and exploration, again, improvements that are to be expected.

The problem is what made Mass Effect so iconic was it's story and even more so it's characters. With barely anything related to the trilogy Andromeda is going to feel like a new least in my assumptions. I hope I'm wrong and that the story and characters live up to the quality that the trilogy had, but I just seriously doubt it will. It's ok though, I'm not accusing BioWare of being inept, it's more of a complement of how such a masterpiece the trilogy was in my eyes.

sullynathan1625d ago

Andromeda will be related to the main trilogy. You don't need to have the same characters to be related to the games that came before.

The story of Mass Effect derailed as it kept going because Bioware had so many different ideas and didn't plan ahead before making the trilogy.

This time they have the chance to write even better characters than the original trilogy and write a better story too.

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The story is too old to be commented.